Gross Gore rebrands to ‘Woken Wolf’ after becoming first streamer banned by Streamlabs, Streamelements and Twitch, returns to League of Legends then leaves it again

Update (April 25th 2022): Ali Larsen is back streaming on his Gross Gore account and has seemingly ditched the Woken Wolf name. He’s also stepped back from League of Legends again.

Update (February 15th 2021): Ali Larsen aka Woken Wolf has returned to League of Legends once again.

Update (November 9th 2021): Gross Gore has now got his Twitter account back and has rebranded to now be known as ‘Woken Wolf’. He’s created a new Woken Wolf YouTube channel here and says he won’t be returning to League of Legends.

Update (September 15th 2021): Gross Gore has now been banned on Twitter, though the streamer claims it’s only temporary and may not be reverted for ten days or so.

Original article (May 2021):

UK League of Legends streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen claims to be the first person to have received bans from both Streamlabs and Streamelements.

The broadcast software platforms, which allow streamers to manage features such as text-to-speech, graphics, donations and more, banned Gross Gore when he was banned by Twitch back in March.

This meant Ali has been unable to use text-to-speech (TTS) on his streams for any viewer donations received.

Ali said in a Twitter video: “A lot of people have been asking why I haven’t been streaming for the past two weeks. When I got banned on Twitch on March 17th, Streamlabs and Streamelements banned me from their platforms, because they didn’t want the bad press. They didn’t want to be associated with Gross Gore.

“I’m the first person to be banned from Streamlabs and Streamelements, so I’ve had no text-to-speech and no income. I’ve got employees and I have a daughter, but these guys don’t give a crap, they just want to look good, it’s business, they’re scared of bad PR.

“I was lying to people. I told them I turned TTS off to get to Master tier (in League of Legends), and it killed me. I hate liars. But now it’s been two months and I can now come out with the truth.”

Gross Gore added that he has something else arranged for text-to-speech in the future, but didn’t say what this is just yet.

He also touched on the topic of ‘cancel culture’, saying that he ‘couldn’t agree more’ with this tweet by British YouTuber KSI.

Twitch banned Gross Gore in March for what it described as ‘adult sexual exploitation’ – for ‘sharing sexually suggestive or explicit content without permission from the person depicted, such as revenge porn’.

This likely refers to the instance of Ali sharing images of his former girlfriend, Celestia Vega, to Celestia’s mother back in 2016. It was one of the first occasions where Twitch had banned a streamer based on incidents outside of the platform that had happened years before.

There’s more from this re-uploaded pastebin document, which was shared online anonymously but was removed after Twitch banned Gross Gore. Another profile sharing past clips and information around Gross Gore, @GGoreArchive on Twitter, has since been deleted.

Many of the instances and accusations in the above pastepin had been brought up in the past and Ali had addressed some of them on various occasions, but there was also a few new accusations that came to light, including a claim that Gross Gore had sexually groomed Twitter user EVEVE24 when she was 13 years old back in 2008. Ali said he could not remember this and that he would’ve been 15 years old at the time (though Eve disputed this, saying he was 16).

Another streamer, Jenna, also accused him of sexually assaulting her during TwitchCon, as per this Kotaku report.

“Streamlabs and Streamelements banned me from their platforms, because they didn’t want the bad press. They didn’t want to be associated with Gross Gore.”

Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen

Some on social media mentioned ‘The Plan’ possibly collating the spate of accusations, a group Ali previously described to Esports News UK as “a breed of my biggest fans, but fans gone wrong”. Esports News UK understands there are people behind the pastebin and claims on social media that wanted to see Gross Gore cancelled who had contacted Twitch and his other partners with the evidence to get him banned.

He added in a statement sent to Esports News UK: “My haters emailed Streamlabs and Streamelements, saying I’m a paedophile and woman abuser, but they won’t let me see the emails they received. Within two days, both these platforms banned me because they got scared by fake emails. But they can’t hold me down, I’m bulletproof.

“Cancel culture is getting out of hand. The day I get a criminal record, then they can hold me guilty. But I don’t have one. None of these girls will say anything because none of it’s real. It’s all crap, it’s all for drama. And like Twitch, these companies (Streamlabs and Streamelements) took the bait.

“Companies are too scared about what other people think, and they believe rumours. Years ago, it was innocent until proven guilty. On the internet, it’s guilty until proven innocent – and by that point, you’ve lost all your sponsors and no one wants to work with you. Any allegation people make, they don’t want to work with you. It’s pathetic. I can’t wait until 10 years’ time, it will get better, but my god it’s insane.”

gross gore tts streamelemen

Esports News UK has contacted Streamlabs and Streamelements for comment.

Another streamer – US CoD and Rainbow Six streamer Jordie ‘WingsOfRedemption’ Jordan – was recently banned by Streamlabs, following his temporary Twitch ban last November for hate speech.

Gross Gore was originally banned by Twitch in 2016 after he accused former League of Legends player and caster Krepo sleeping with someone underage. He was later unbanned by Twitch in 2017, then temporarily banned for one month after incidents of harassment at RuneFest, before the new permanent ban this year. He has since been streaming on YouTube.

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