No more Mr Nice guy: Gross Gore generates 1m+ views in a day after catching attention of Drama Alert, Scarce & Zoie Burgher

gross gore drama alert 1

In an interview with eSports News UK back in September, UK League of Legends streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen said he was ‘leaving drama behind’.
He was banned from Twitch back in April following accusations he made against caster Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels, while Riot banned him from their events for one year.
This led him to make an effort to improve his reputation and avoid drama. In the meantime, he was diagnosed with bipolar earlier in the year, got a nose job and announced YouTube streaming plans.
There was a bit of drama involving some of his former girlfriends, such as arguments on Twitter, and he did get some backlash from the community after parting ways with his manager (and close friend) Ryan, but other than that he had generally tried to leave drama behind and move on.
However, a few days ago, he admitted he’s returning to his old ways. And it seems that more views are already coming in.

Since making those statements on Snapchat/Twitter, he’s managed to generate over a million YouTube views in 24 hours.
So how did it all happen?

Streamer Raihnbowkidz (whom Gross Gore had argued with in the past, earning him a warning from Twitch) tweeted the above.
The chat appears to show that Grossie is planning on sending nude imagery of a former girlfriend – Celestia Vega – to her mum.
Gross Gore later said the images and videos he sent to Celestia’s mum weren’t private nudes, but public ones, in a bid to let her mum know what her daughter gets up to online.
Raihnbowkidz’ tweet was picked up by the Livestream Fail Reddit page, with Reddit user SpaceOfAids writing the headline ‘Grossie Gore using nude pics as blackmail’.
Grossie then responded with this outburst on Twitter, which received 250+ retweets:

That was the kicker that caught the attention of popular YouTube drama channel Drama Alert and Scarce, who mentioned him in their news roundups.
Keemstar’s Drama Alert video has since been viewed 313,000 times and Scarce’s has been seen 743,000 times – more than one million combined views.
The drama also caught the attention of popular streamer Zoie Burgher.

Grossie then responded to Zoie and the drama channels:

While it may be true that Grossie isn’t generating the same livestreaming views today than he previously did on Twitch, his YouTube account still has over 338,000 subscribers, plus his videos get hundreds of thousands of views.
Before his Twitch ban, last year he accused Riot Games of kicking him out of the Wembley Hilton Hotel during the League of Legends World Championship quarter finals.
He’s now working on giving his car a makeover with Twisted Fate livery – the champion he plays as the most on League of Legends.
But can he maintain his old image and get back into the good books of Riot and Twitch at the same time? 
League of Legends’ bad boy is back – for now.

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Stevie Coote
5 years ago

Gross Gore has a big nose

Stevie Coote
5 years ago

He’s also autistic

5 years ago
Reply to  Stevie Coote


5 years ago

Having known gross gore (Ali) briefly in life – he is far from a marketing genius. Gross gore is a highly uneducated human being and causes drama because of this, he is on the other side of the spectrum from “genius” and stands out because of this. He is easily hurt about what other people say about him, combined with his bi-polarity disorder makes him a very interesting individual. Though he has a good heart, he is very self obsessed and still does not fully understand the value of money. This guy needs to know what real life is like,… Read more »

2 years ago

Exposing somebody’s personal shit to their family is low. Fuck anybody who do that, regardless of the result. Just because you don’t like what somebody does, it doesn’t mean you have to fuck them over because of it. Celestia Vega may be his ex, but what did she do to make him wanna send her public nudes to her mom?