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Gross Gore: ‘I deserve a shot at being on the LCS desk’

UK streamer Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen has spoken about his ambitions to work as a League of Legends desk host. He was talking on stream yesterday evening when he discovered fellow British content creator Dan "Foxdrop" Wyatt was on his team in the pre-game lobby. Gross Gore said: "I'm dead serious, bruv. Foxdrop is now…
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Blizzard rescinds Preach Gaming’s invite to Content Creator Summit after banning him and other Warcraft players like MethodJosh over the leveling potion issue

UPDATE (April 12th 2019): Preach has revealed that Blizzard rescinded his invite to a Content Creator Summit in California. Here, he would have viewed upcoming content in World of Warcraft and had the chance to provide feedback to the dev team. But following his ban (explained below), he was no longer invited. The reason he…
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House of Lords launches inquiry into UK broadcast regulations in light of growing streaming services like Twitch

'Can public service broadcasters compete with streaming services?' That's the question the House of Lords Communications Committee will ask academic experts next week. It's part of an inquiry into investigating whether there is a future for public service broadcasting in the context of the rising popularity of video on demand services, like Twitch, YouTube, Netflix…
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Radiant Esports aim to break longest livestream world record with 13-day event

UK esports organisation Radiant Esports have announced they are making a world record attempt. They are aiming to break the record for the 'longest video livestream' which currently stands at 153 hours. Radiant will be hosting a whopping 13-day livestream at House of Gamers in Birmingham. This event will take place from Friday April 5th…
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B0aty to represent UK in Gillette Gaming Alliance

Old School RuneScape streamer Adam "B0aty" Lyne has been chosen to represent the UK in the Gillette Gaming Alliance, a new initiative between the razor brand and Twitch. The streamer, also known as MyNameIsB0aty, said he was extremely proud to be representing the UK. Extremely proud to announce that we have been chosen to represent the…
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