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Esports Awards: YouTuber Deji criticised by esports community after announcing wrong winner as a ‘joke’

Popular British YouTuber Deji Olatunji (aka ComedyShortsGamer) angered members of the esports community after his antics at the Esports Awards 2018 yesterday evening. Deji, who has almost 10m subscribers on YouTube and is the younger brother of KSI, announced the winner of the Publisher of the Year award. He initially announced Epic Games as the winner, before back-tracking…
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The NUEL launches Student Streamer Network backed by Twitch

The NUEL, the UK's well-established inter-university esports tournament and student community, is launching a student-only streamer network. This network will use the Twitch Student initiative, which provides support, knowledge and tools to help students run streams and contribute to the video games and esports industries. The NUEL says it will be the first of its kind…
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Gross Gore banned by Twitch again after Runefest controversy

What's he done now... The amount of times I've typed the words 'UK League of Legends streamer Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen, I can type it so fast now. Anyway. The controversial UK League of Legends streamer Ali "Gross Gore" Larsen (see?) has been banned by Twitch AGAIN after his behaviour at Runefest earlier this month.…
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UK streamers sign up to Fnatic’s new Salty Summer Fortnite tournament series

London-based esports organisation Fnatic have launched a new weekly online Fortnite tournament called Salty Summer, with a mix of streamers and pros from across Europe taking part. It starts tomorrow (Sunday August 12th) and will have 64 players involved. The winning duo will receive $5,000 per tournament. Some of the biggest UK streamers getting involved include Wizzite,…
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