Ali Larsen returns to League of Legends for the 631st time, wants to reach Challenger on NA servers

Gross Gore

Update (September 26th 2022): Gross Gore says once again he has left League of Legends, permanently this time.

Original article: Ali Larsen, the British streamer once known as Gross Gore and now going by the name of Woken Wolf, has returned to League of Legends yet again.

He streamed the match on his Gross Gore LoL account as his usual champion Twisted Fate in the mid-lane in the early hours of the morning after Valentine’s Day – and went 8/5/5.

It was the first match he played on stream in around nine months and Ali said he was drunk while playing:

Ali first started streaming again a week ago, with cooking and just chatting streams on his Woken Wolf YouTube channel with his partner Safi.

Ali said on Twitter recently: “I’ll be streaming League of Legends and continue to do cooking streams.

“I’m going to save up around $2,000 this month so I can fly out to the USA and stream on the NA servers. I will try and climb as fast as I can in the month I’m there.”

He has reached Master tier in flex queue off-stream, and added that he wants to reach Challenger rank on the North American servers. Ali previously said in 2020 that he would be the biggest LoL streamer in NA, ahead of Tyler1.

What happened to Gross Gore/Woken Wolf?

Gross Gore was indefinitely banned on Twitch in March 2021 for ‘adult sexual exploitation’ following a string of allegations. Ali said the accusations were false.

“Cancel culture is getting out of hand,” he said at the time. “The day I get a criminal record, then they can hold me guilty. But I don’t have one. None of these girls will say anything because none of it’s real. It’s all crap, it’s all for drama.”

He switched to streaming on YouTube but stopped after a few months in favour of IRL vlog content, then took a break.

“F*ck League of Legends,” he said. “F*ck gaming. Quit gaming, go out and look after yourself. I meet women, I work out, I don’t eat bread, I sleep at 10.30pm and wake up at 8am.”

Last November, Gross Gore rebranded to Woken Wolf after becoming the first streamer to be banned by Streamlabs, Streamelements and Twitch.

His viewers have also accused Ali of not properly addressing a situation where he was accused of drink driving and injuring his former friend Ryan.

In 2016, Gross Gore was first banned by Twitch after he made accusatory comments about former League of Legends caster Krepo. Gross Gore was unbanned by Twitch in 2017 but later banned for one month after harassment accusations at RuneFest, and he was also banned from attending future RuneFest events.

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