80+ kills, 170k gold and a 'tilted' Jarvan IV with 17 deaths: The final UK Masters LoL group stage game was… weird

ENUK editor Dom Sacco takes a look back on a strange match in the UK Masters earlier this week.
This League of Legends UK Masters split has been full of bizarre moments and drama, and the final group stage game summed it all up.
MnM had already taken game one against Enclave, and game two was just chaos, with 82 kills and 170k gold when it finished at around 40 minutes.
There were seven kills at four minutes in, and 40 kills at 17 minutes (with each team having 20 kills).
Eventually, Enclave took the game 50-32 with 88k gold to MnM’s 81k.
There were team fights aplenty, lots of roaming, and a damage-build Jarvan IV with six kills and 17 deaths, played by MnM jungler Alex “The Carter V” Cartwright (aka Candyfloss).
It wasn’t all that surprising, as it was kind of a meaningless match. The top four playoff teams had already been decided – sitting in the table as follows:

In the playoffs, first place would play fourth, and second place would be up against third. MnM couldn’t catch NerdRage as they picked up an automatic win this week and would be at least three points ahead of MnM. The only teams that could change position were be Enclave and Excel.
In the end, the match between MnM and Enclave was 1-1, so the standings stayed as they are above.
Playoffs are on August 12th and 13th.

Carter’s Cataclysm: Top 8 clips

So, the weirdness ensued, especially from Carter, who went 6/17/10 with a Duskblade, Ghostblade, Warriors Enchant, Mortal Reminder, Tiamat and Merc Treads.
Here are some of his plays, including an early level 2 cheese invade:


Was this inting? Carter & Twitch chat reaction

We asked Carter after the match what this game was all about.
He told us he can have weak mental strength in-game, and ‘just tilted and played awfully because of that’. He also pointed out losing 19-0 in a previous match against NerdRage and no one batted an eyelid.
It’s worth pointing out Carter is known for his sarcastic humour and vlogs on Twitter. For example, he criticized former MnM teammate Hadow by saying he had no arms ‘after losing them in a driving accident’, expressed mock shock at beating XENEX in the ESL Prem final ‘despite their player Prosfair having coaching with LS‘, and posts stuff like this and this!
Whatever happened, it got Twitch chat talking and interested:

We’ll leave it to you guys to decide what the hell was going on here.
For us, we’ll just take it as a UK scene thing.

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