NerdRage dismiss LoL team manager Ashley "Slip" Haynes

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NerdRage.Pro have fired their League of Legends team manager, Ashley “Slip” Haynes, one day before they’re due to play their first UK Masters match.
Comments were made on the UK Masters Twitch chat insulting Slip, and Enclave jungler Skudzy posted them on Twitter:

We’re still looking into who posted the original comment on Facebook and will update this article in due course.
Slip responded with a number of comments on social media, some of which have now been deleted. He has also now deleted his Twitter page.

slip sack
Image source: Sam Newbould

NerdRage then tweeted saying Slip had been dismissed.

Slip proceeded to post some more negative comments on Twitter and attempted to insult Skudzy’s girlfriend Kitty, before deleting the tweet:

Slip qualified for the UK Masters via Arctic Storm, a team later acquired by NerdRage Pro.
Soon after this move, Arctic Storm’s founder warned the UK scene that Slip is ‘a deceiver’, accusations which Slip declined.
Slip declined to tell ENUK his side of the story and the reasons why he made the tweets.
It’s clear large sections of the UK scene will not miss Slip. Good thing he managed to see the funny side of it, because it’s also clear he’ll struggle to find another org willing to take him on in the future.

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