'UK LoL scene is the easiest ever, it will be free money' – ASN top-laner on UK Masters

asn lotus easy lol scene 1

Ah, the ego.
The big ones just seem to pop up into the UK League of Legends scene every now and then.
It seems AsN Lotus Gaming is the latest to thump their chest and announce their arrival.
Their new League of Legends team was announced earlier today:

And after winning two qualifier matches in the UK Masters this evening, their top-laner Kirito says the tournament is as good as theirs.

Former UK scene, Origen and Spanish scene ADC Toaster responded with the following:

Well it’s certainly one way to make an entrance. Let’s see if Kirito’s prediction will be correct or not over the weeks to come.
AsN Lotus Gaming also announced an academy team, who were knocked out this evening by Bulldog.
Lotus Gaming are part of AsN eSports, whose slogan is: “Nothing is true, everything is premitted.”
You can check out more of the results from tonight’s qualifier matches here.
UPDATE: Following the publication of this article, the banter and smack talk continued to flow, particularly between Toaster and Kirito.

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