When Prosfair got coached by LS on stream

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One of the top support players in the UK League of Legends scene had a lesson with well-known coach Nick “LastShadow (LS)” de Cesare today.
Tom “Prosfair” Willis – who currently plays for XENEX (a team sitting at the top of the ESL Premiership in the UK) paid $120 for the coaching session.
It was streamed on LS’ Twitch channel and watched by about 1,700 viewers.
LS watched Master-tier support Prosfair play a solo queue game as Lulu, before reviewing the match and providing advice.
Prosfair also had XENEX jungler Sancus playing as Ivern on his team.
As expected, LS didn’t hold back. In trademark style he criticised Prosfair openly and regularly during the match, mainly around his positioning and mechanics.

After the game, LS gave some advice to Prosfair. He told him to ‘stop playing support-ey supports’ and to play more. “You only play four or five games a day,” he said. “And go and watch some Korean streamers.”
LS did tell Prosfair to “shut the f*ck up” at one point, but quickly said that his comment was supposed to be “comedic”.
LS also began angrily tapping his keyboard to fast forward towards the end of the VoD; it was all a bit Terence Fletcher from the movie Whiplash. 
To be fair to Prosfair, his other teammates didn’t have the best of games either, and after the match was over LS’ criticism was more constructive and valuable.

“LS began angrily tapping his keyboard to fast forward towards the end of the VoD; it was all a bit Terence Fletcher from Whiplash.”

Prosfair’s teammate Sancus could not escape LS’ wrath, either.
LS: “This is your duo?”
Prosfair: “Yeah.”
LS: “You need to delete him.”
However, after the following clip LS did say that Prosfair’s top-laner was actually to blame at this point for not teleporting down into the bot lane, and that Ivern wasn’t at fault for not Qing.


Cooldown conundrum

The most painful moment was when LS quizzed Prosfair on summoner spell cooldowns – and Prosfair got the Heal and Ignite cooldowns wrong.
He said Heal was five minutes when it’s actually four, and Ignite was three minutes when it’s three and a half, but Prosfair did say his on-stream nerves probably got the better of him at that moment!

“Ah god the summoner spell thing,” he told Esports News UK. “I think the summoner spell was me being nervous.

“I know Flash and TP are five minutes, and are the two longest, but I confused TP with Flash.”



Did Prosfair feel he got his money’s worth?

“I feel really physically and mentally tired right now,” Prosfair said. “But insanely happy, which is a weird combo.

“I definitely got value.”

Prosfair has progressed to the final of the ESL League of Legends Premiership with XENEX, which takes place on Sunday March 19th.

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