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PES 2014: Why I’ll be buying it over FIFA 14

PES 2014 doesn't let you perform a certain goal celebration after scoring. It doesn't have an Ultimate Team mode. It doesn't have Legends like Bergkamp and Pele. And it still doesn't have decent commentary. But to me PES 2014 is the game that will return the once renowned football game franchise to a standard it…
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Xbox One: 12 reasons why you shouldn’t get carried away by PS4 hype

It's fair to say PlayStation 4 captured gamers' hearts and minds at E3 2013 last week with its lower price, pro used games stance and no 24-hour online check-in requirement (see this Amazon/Facebook poll for proof). But let's not write off the Xbox One too soon. Here are 12 reasons why you shouldn't get carried away…
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