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Gross Gore defends Twitch, criticises Ninja for moving to Mixer

British streamer Ali 'Gross Gore' Larsen has defended streaming platform Twitch following Ninja's move to rival platform Mixer. Ali said in a passionate rant on Twitter (we've edited the quotes slightly so it has less swearing and is easier to read): "All those out there that complain about Twitch and how they run their company,…
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‘Other unis should take note’ – former pro gamer r2k joins University of Chichester as senior lecturer in esports

One of the UK's most experienced former pro players has landed a role at the University of Chichester. Ramesh 'r2k' Singh has joined the university's creative and digital technologies department as a senior lecturer in esports. The development is a first for the UK education space. While several universities and colleges have started running courses…
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Method founder outlines cross-guild agreement to prevent “long-term damage” of Race to World First WoW raids

UPDATE: Minutes after posting our below article, Method announced its Raid to World First: Eternal Palace partner will be TakeTV in Germany. The stream will begin on the evening of July 16th on Method’s Twitch channel. Broadcast talent will include UK WoW content creator Mike 'Preach' Lamb, Adam 'Finalboss' Knych, JB 'Jdotb' Daniel, Peyton 'Tettles' Tettleton and many more. David Kugelmann, TakeTV COO, said:…
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The rise of esports betting at online casinos

Advertisement feature (contains affiliate links)  Esports can be dated back to the days of LAN parties, where friends would hook up their machines and play tournaments until the sunrise could be seen cutting through the basement window. As technology advanced, as we all know the advent of online play opened up a new world of…
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