Gross Gore 'quits' League of Legends, hints at return if Twitch ban is lifted – we share our thoughts on the troubled streamer

UPDATE (July 30th): He’s back.
Original story:
Well-known UK League of Legends streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen has decided to ‘quit’ League of Legends. David Hollingsworth asks why and looks at what’s next for the streamer.
Gross Gore stated a number of reasons behind his decision to leave the game including a drop in views on HitBox and recent negative comments he has been receiving on his streams and social media accounts.

Gross Gore has risen in popularity over the last year, coinciding with his rise to the higher ranks of solo queue, mastery of Twisted Fate and hyper streaming personality.
Recent negative comments and changes behind the scenes have had a notable effect on Gross Gore. The change has seemingly caused him to lose interest in streaming League of Legends and focus more on real life (and Pokémon Go) videos for YouTube.
See his quitting video here:

Gross Gore, in a video to his community said: “I’m a very sensitive person… whoever you are, if you leave a comment and I read it, it does hurt me, it does sting.”
He went on to add: “I will be streaming and people will take the piss that I only have 1,000 viewers and they’re mocking me and laughing – it kills me.”
Gross Gore has recently put a subscriber mode on his Hitbox in an attempt to slow down the negative comments, but has continued to get negative feedback on his Facebook posts, which has resulted in him having to remove such comments.
Not every comment has been negative however; we follow Gross Gore across social media and he does get a lot of love too, but it appears Gross Gore has allowed negativity to affect his streaming.

Last week, Gross Gore announced that his best friend and employee Ryan Nettleship had left his role working for Gross Gore on mutual terms. Grossie said Ryan’s role had diminished following Gross Gore’s ban from Twitch as sponsorship opportunities began to dry up.
Some of the negativity aimed towards Gross has been around the departure of his manager Ryan, with Gross partly attributing that to him now making less money on Hitbox than he was on Twitch.
Others have attacked him for this move, saying he shouldn’t have let Ryan go when Gross has publicly said he’s planning on spending thousands of pounds on a nose job, a Toyota Supra and renting a bigger home.
Gross Gore gave more info on his Twitch ban, saying: “It doesn’t make sense for me to play this game because Riot Games have given me a one-year ban from their events.
“90% of people strongly believe that Twitch’s decision to permanently ban me was because of Riot Game’s influence.”
It appears Gross Gore is trying to imply Riot pressured Twitch into banning Gross Gore from Twitch, over his unfounded comments made about streamer Krepo.
Gross Gore has announced his plans for the short term are to focus on personal videos on his YouTube, where he will stream and create Pokémon Go videos.
Gross Gore states that the hype around his channel has gone since being banned from Twitch. He goes on to add that he doesn’t feel liked by the game’s community and pro players.
Gross Gore said he would return to the game if Riot reconsidered his event ban and will continue to play and stream the game if that happens.

My Thoughts

I have followed Gross Gore for the last four months, I’ve seen him at his best and have seen the fallout from his eventually Riot and Twitch bans. The fallout was visible every time Gross Gore would make a Facebook post with a number of fans leaving hurtful comments.
Gross Gore strikes me as a positive and happy guy who has struggled to deal with recent criticisms of his work and decisions he has made.
I can understand where Gross Gore is coming from in his recent social posts and videos. Gross Gore is 24, living in a seaside town in Kent, England. I am a year older and live in the same town as Gross Gore, we don’t know one another and have never spoken.
League of Legends and his streams are a release from the humdrum of this quiet corner of the UK, the love from his fans gave Gross Gore the fuel to hype his personality. Sadly those same comments of love turned negative, having the opposite effect on Gross Gore and leading to the situation we have now.
Gross Gore is no saint, he made a mistake, but was quick to apologise and has tried to move on from it ever since.
I hope we see Gross Gore on League of legends again, with all the negative things going on in the gaming community right now, positive voices need to stand out.

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