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Is eSports a man’s world? We interview Team Property – the all-female Swedish pro gaming CSGO team

[caption id="attachment_4654" align="aligncenter" width="465"] Left to right: Johanna “R’o’vardotter” Virtanen, Angel “Mouse” Malihiolzakerni, Therese “Szanto” Szanto, Nina “Foxglove” Flatnes and Sandra “Steelya” Stålnacke[/caption] On Intel's stand at Dreamhack London this weekend, there were two teams of five women going head-to-head on CSGO - LGB and Team Property - with scores of men queuing up to play them…
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Top 50 multiplayer games

There's nothing quite like beating a friend or relative at a video game to get into the Christmas spirit, so we've rounded up the best competitive multiplayer games - both online and offline - to give you some extra gaming ideas this festive season. Here's our pick of the top 50 competitive multiplayer games. We've kept…
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Halo 4 Competitive Skill Rank system detailed

Developer 343 Industries has released first details of Halo 4's Competitive Skill Rank system, which goes live early next year and matches up players online with opponents of comparable skill levels. Each player will have their own unique Skill Rank per game type, depending on their skill, which is viewable in Halo Waypoint. For example,…
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