Reason Gaming announce Overwatch team, set sights on i58

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UK eSports organisation Reason Gaming have signed Overwatch team Zaprey Got Caught.
The team – currently ranked 14th in Europe and 35th in the world – will now be playing under the Reason brand going forwards.
The roster consists of Jonas “Reelay” Liljekvist, Matthew “teneya” Chapman, Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller, Bartek “bartasso” Wiater, Aaron “Aaron” Blok and Nikolaj “Zaprey” Moyes, as confirmed on Reason’s website.
Reason will be competing in GosuGamers and ESL online tournaments, and their first competitive LAN will be Multiplay Insomnia58 at the Birmingham NEC from August 26th to 29th.

Multiplay ups eSports focus with Overwatch and new UK Masters CSGO League at i58

Reason Gaming’s Adam “Blanks” Heath told eSports News UK: “Overwatch has taken the internet by storm. It has been a while since I have seen a game be so rapidly accepted and have players leave their teams/games to change to a new game.
“With ESL and GosuGamers already running competitions for it, getting 300+ signups every week, this game will only grow.
“Reason had a very strong history in TF2, and Overwatch has been on our radar for a long time. A few days before the game’s release, I was approached by an old friend, Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller, who was part of the Zaprey Got Caught line-up.
“After talking through everything with the team, and playing a few too many games, I decided they would be the perfect fit inside Reason as they shared our vision and ethos.
“Personally, I can’t wait for i-series, to meet the whole team and hopefully claim an i-series victory in another title!”
Overwatch player Ryan “Ryfoolz” Fuller added: “We look forward to playing under the Reason banner and competing to the highest level possible. We would like to thank the Reason Gaming management for this opportunity and look forward to a successful partnership together.”
Since launching in late May, Overwatch has generated an enormous buzz in the gaming community, and the UK has got behind the first wave of competitive Overwatch tournaments.
Some competitive League of Legends players have moved across to the title as Overwatch looks to make an impact on the UK eSports scene.

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