‘I’m going to be the biggest League of Legends streamer in NA’ – Gross Gore

gross gore na streamer lol

British League of Legends turned cooking streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen says he’ll be the number one LoL streamer in North America.

Speaking on his stream this evening where he was cooking up some creamy chicken chimichanga, Ali said that once he saves up and buys a new house, he’s going to be playing on the NA League of Legends server. And that he will “destroy Tyler1”.

Gross Gore said he will eclipse all the other League of Legends streamers in North America to be the most popular in the region.

Currently, Tyler1 is one of NA’s most popular LoL streamers, with almost 4m followers on Twitch and half a million on Twitter.

Ali currently has 428,000 followers on Twitch and 92,000 on Twitter.

I would quote him word-for-word here, but Ali has annoyingly turned off clips and vods on his Twitch channel, so I’m having to write this up off the top of my head instead.

Four days ago, Ali put a video on Twitter talking about his plans:

He did also say later in the stream: “F*ck League of Legends. F*ck gaming. Quit gaming, go out and look after yourself. I meet women, I work out, I don’t eat bread, I sleep at 10.30pm and wake up at 8am.”

Gross Gore stopped playing League last year due to toxic behaviour in the playerbase. He has since switched to more IRL streams, where he broadcasts himself making various dishes from his kitchen.

Gross Gore told Esports News UK earlier in the year: “The reason I played League of Legends in the first place is because it’s the only game I could do a stream then a Q&A. Back then, just talking without playing was against the Twitch ToS.

“I’m looking to become the biggest streamer on Twitch. 100%. There is not one person that interests me on Twitch – why don’t I become the streamer I want to watch? That’s my goal and vision right now. But I don’t want to just talk about it, I want to do it.”

Back in 2017 Gross Gore switched to the NA League of Legends server for a while due to toxicity and has said he doesn’t find playing LoL fun anymore.

Last year Gross Gore also said he deserves a shot at being on the LCS desk.

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