RossBoomsocks just released a metal music video and it slays harder than Pentakill

rossboomsocks metal music video saikou

He might be known for mucking about in League of Legends, but it turns out Scottish YouTuber RossBoomsocks is also a dab hand at writing and performing metal music.

When he’s not spending $250 on making his own Urgot plush toyannouncing his ganks in all-chat or popularising Mathematically Correct Sett, he’s slaying it on the vocals.

RossBoomsocks has just released a music video with his apparel brand Saikou, which he co-wrote the lyrics for and recorded in a single day.

Ross runs Saikou Apparel, a Japanese-inspired fashion brand based out of Glasgow, with his partner and fellow Twitch streamer Maizy Marzipan (who also features in the video on the bass guitar, and painted the mural in the background).

You can see Ross performing the song below and listen to it on Spotify here.

For us here at Esports News UK, this song is more metal than Riot Games’ current virtual rock group Pentakill. This statement might be slightly premature given that Pentakill’s third album Lost Chapter doesn’t drop until September 8th 2021, but our view is based largely on Pentakill’s new in-game skins and style, which give off less metal and more fantasy vibes.

Sure, Pentakill will have higher production quality, but their music isn’t made in a day and they have dedicated teams focused solely on music.

Ross’ music is also more modern/post-hardcore than the traditional heavy rock/classic metal sound that Pentakill goes for, so it’s hard to compare the two, but Ross’ is more our thing.

Ross said on Twitter: “Screw it, I’ve put off [releasing this song] way too long at this point because of my own insecurities. It’s hard to put into words how incredibly awkward I have been about posting it and despite it not being for everyone, it’s overdue.

“This song is about playing Samira and getting towerdived.”

After posting the video, he added: “Thank you to everyone for the lovely words about the song we posted – kind of just thought “screw it”, why not, I’ve been in bands for most of my life.”

And it shows. Ross can clearly scream – and several of his YouTube followers reacted positively to the song.

One said: “I was like, ‘chill Scottish man, what’s he gonna do,’ and then Ross started singing and my brain just about exploded. This is incredible beyond what words can properly express.”

Another added: “Pentakill Ross, just in time for the actual skinline’s new additions coming soon lol.”

“Jesus Ross, where the hell did you hide this sound? Fucking amazing,” one follower commented.

RossBoomsocks currently has 838,000 subscribers on YouTube, 80,000 on a second channel and 185,000 followers on Twitch, making him one of the most popular League of Legends content creators based in the UK.

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