RossBoomsocks spent $250 turning his child-like drawing of Urgot into an actual plushie and it might be the greatest thing ever

rossboomsocks urgot plushie

Scottish YouTuber RossBoomsocks is an expert when it comes to mucking about in League of Legends.

He continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the game (not so much in terms of winning, but more in terms of, well, having a laugh).

When he’s not commentating over 7-hour Iron ranked games, building an unkillable One For All Anivia team or announcing his ganks in all-chat, he’s trying all manner of crazy builds and inventive ideas to stretch the game to its nonsensical limits.

Now he’s spent $250 turning his child-like drawing of Urgot into a real-life plushie.

And the result is glorious.

You can see the finished drawing at the 10-minute mark and the final plushie at around 12 minutes in.

“Dear God,” Ross commented as he drew the monstrosity from its cardboard prison, before cradling it like a baby.

Ross drew the image of League of Legends champion Urgot off the top of his head back in March, and finally received the plushie in the post in July.

Why Urgot, you might be wondering? Because his community said so. Of course they did. Urgot is one of the most ‘visually unique’ champions in League of Legends, shall we say, so the results would no doubt be interesting.

As the company that turns drawings into soft toys usually provides the service to children, Ross marked his picture up with the words ‘Ross age 8’.

RossBoomsocks currently has 719,000 subscribers on YouTube and 134,000 followers on Twitch, making him one of the most popular League of Legends content creators based in the UK.

We’re not sure Riot would produce an official Urgot plushie in the future, but here’s hoping they don’t. This is Ross’ creation, and we’re not sure the world would even want be ready for this in its final, mass-produced form.

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