Pentakill’s third album Lost Chapter drops, Riot launches album art, virtual concert vod and in-game skins around latest League of Legends metal music record

pentakill 3 lost chapter album

UPDATE: Check out our Pentakill Lost Chapter album and live concert review here

“Now listen, fellow warriors, I ask you: Should my campaign come to an end?”

The answer is no. Riot Games has revealed the release date for a new Pentakill album, a collection of original music themed around League of Legends.

The third Pentakill album – titled Lost Chapter – released on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer on September 8th 2021. It’s the first new Pentakill record in four years, following the launch of ‘II: Grasp of the Undying’ in 2017 and the original album ‘Pentakill’ in 2014.

Pentakill is a virtual rock/metal group consisting of champions from the League of Legends game, such as Yorick, Karthas, Sona, Olaf, Mordekaiser and Kayle, all of which have their own Pentakill in-game skins.

As Esports News UK’s freelance writer Megalodontus pointed out on Twitter, Viego’s crown seems to be featured in the album art, suggesting the Ruined King would become the latest member of Pentakill. Others said the crown is Mordekaiser’s crown after he pops his ultimate.

There is already a Pentakill metal song titled ‘Blade of the Ruined King’, which further hinted at Viego’s inclusion. And sure enough, these hints were correct.

Riot Games Music also announced it’s partnering with virtual entertainment brand Wave and VFX and immersive experience company The Mill to produce ‘Lost Chapter: An Interactive Album Experience’, featuring Pentakill.

The virtual concert premiered on Wednesday September 8th 2021 at 9pm BST at It allowed fans to interact with cams on zoom being displayed during the concert, and viewers were able to mash their mouse button to rack up points for the force they were fighting for. You can watch it back here:

A day after this article was first published, Riot announced all-new Pentakill in-game skins, which ditch the usual metal black for a green and gold mix, plus a white Viego skin:

Viego’s viability in competitive play: Lucent Esports’ UKLC top-laner Sotsy shares his views on the LoL champion

Another potential Pentakill member was Rell, the Iron Maiden, a support character in League of Legends who was revealed in late 2020, however at the time of writing she does not have a Pentakill skin.

An an augmented reality game campaign, created in partnership with creative production studio We Are Royale, commenced on the Riot Games Music social channels on August 29th. Pentakill fans were invited to solve a series of riddles, puzzles, and ciphered messages from a mysterious source who would ultimately be revealed as Viego.

Upon solving the ARG puzzles over the course of four days, Riot Games will call upon Pentakill’s fans to help determine the next phase of the Lost Chapter journey. 

Earlier this year, Riot Games’ virtual rock group Pentakill returned after a four-year hiatus, with a new song being shown off at the Mid-Season Showdown opening ceremony presented by Mastercard on Sunday April 11th at the LA Greek Theatre. Pentakill performed ‘in person’, including Norweigian rock giant Jørn Land as lead vocalist.

Riot also released an animated short to promote some Pentakill lore:

Riot Games has placed a strong focus on music and player culture around League of Legends over the years, giving away many albums for free.

Aside from metal group Pentakill, other virtual music groups in the League of Legends stable include hip-hop group True Damage and pop band K/DA, which launched the All Out EP late last year.

Riot also has partnerships with Warner Music and Universal Music Group, and produces one-off songs for events like its World Championship each year.

Pentakill III: Lost Chapter launches on September 8th 2021.

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