Overreactions (UKLC week 7): Enclave Gaming are the second best team, how BT Excel wins Worlds and why Shikari is Luke Skywalker


Welcome back to the final week, the best week ever of the undisputed best league in the world: the UKLC!

Memes, dreams, screams and wacky teams? You’re in the right place! Megalodontus, the greatest shark ever to swim the seven seas, looks back on last week’s UK League of Legends UKLC matches…

*sniff* This will be the last Overreactions article, won’t it? I’d like to thank my friends, my family, my pet giant isopod… but no thanks to Dom, who edits the vulgar parts out.

I’m quarantined, out of toilet rolls and pasta, and I can’t swear the sky blue?! Sod it! (it’s okay, I’m out of pasta too and that more than warrants swearing – Dom)

Enclave Gaming, the phoenixes of the UKLC

“On wings of fire it descends, burning all asunder as it touches the ground, torching the very fibre of the earth. An anguished cry and a torrent of flame surround this immolating entity, shrouded by its own glorious pyre.

From ashes it comes, from dust it returns.

The phoenix has arrived.”

Sure, they did a lot to upset Thanos, and they didn’t manage to get Claudio Ranieri, but Enclave Gaming got something better: the title of the second best team in the UKLC!

“Wait what??? What are you smoking?!”

Come on we all know LoL works on the rules of transitive properties, how do you think the world turns huh? (I googled that and it didn’t help me understand it, but I’m sure the readers of ENUK are smarter than me! – Dom)

So it’s simple, right, Barrage had to beat Enclave to contest for 2nd but because they lost to Enclave, they went down to third. So if Enclave beat Barrage that means Enclave are second best!

Maths is so easy.

With only one win, Enclave managed to scale the entire tower – I mean league – to become second best! Don’t let your dreams be memes kids, even if you’re 1-13!

If Demise let Kerberos play Master Yi more…

…maybe they wouldn’t be called ‘Demise’.

AP Kai’Sa is so damn overpowered…

…that if Special of BT Excel played it, they’d probably win Worlds 2020 at this point of time. Dragane played it and it made Phelan look well, alright for a second considering they’re 6th. Imagine what the number 1 mid-laner would look like piloting this champion designed with 200 years of experience!

Exactly, you can hear Faker, Rookie and Doinb quaking in their boots.

And speaking of BT Excel…

Your weekly Doomsday Clock reminder

image 4

Look at this, just look at it! The UKLC is once again ruled by not one, but two academies? It’s doomed! I said it at the start of week 1 and I’ll say it again at the top of my lungs:

“Week 1 definitely indicates how an entire year of League of Legends will go after all!”

– A wise and totally sane shark author

That’s how it works for every sport after all, right?

There is no scene where Frodo tosses the ring into Mt. Doom. Well that’s also because he’s a shut-in in our story, but I digress. As Frodo’s duo-queue partner Samwise always said to him: “That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s called the EU Masters. Oh and pick me Yasuo support.”

Be like Sam.

But, there is only one thing that can save the UKLC…

More terrible media and terribly shoehorned narratives? You bet your last copper on that! The only thing that can save the UKLC from Kieran Holmes-Darby’s Sauron cosplay is my beautifully crafted codswallop. In English we called them narratives. And going into playoffs, who has the best narrative?

The answer: Shikari.

He’s the back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back (say his on broadcast please, Hiprain) champion of the UK! He is Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi, where he wears black and holds a green lightsaber.


Huh whaddaya know… just like NVision’s colours! We got ourselves a winner boys, pack it up! (your thoughts betray you, fish boy – Dom)

There is only one question you should care about: Will there be more Overreactions for playoffs? That, and are sharks immune to COVID-19? See you guys after playoffs, same time, same place!

Disclaimer: If you disagreed about the UKLC being the best league in the world, you’re wrong

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