‘I either am or can be the best top-laner in Europe’ – could Alphari improve G2 or Fnatic?

alphari best top laner

British League of Legends pro gamer Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris has spoken about his ambitions, prompting LEC desk hosts to question whether he could improve G2 or Fnatic if he possibly joined them in the future.

Alphari was speaking on the LEC broadcast this evening ahead of his match with Origen versus Vitality.

The top-laner said: “I just really want to win a split. I’ve always believed that I either am, or can be, the best top-laner in at least Europe.

“But I’ve never actually won a split, so having not achieved anything in the past few years, it’s been a matter of looking at myself and saying ‘okay I’m not the best yet’, but it means I will be in the future and I need to keep practicing.

“I’ve always had the belief that I will be the best at some point, or I am the best, so it’s just been a matter of keeping with it and trying to keep this belief within me, despite disappointing results.”

Alphari, Origen

LEC desk hosts Sjokz, YamatoCannon and Froskurinn spoke about Alphari on stream being mid-split MVP and candidate for MVP of the whole split.

YamatoCannon said on stream: “I can easily imagine a world where Alphari takes Wunder’s position [at G2], or takes Bwipo’s position [at Fnatic], and he’s going to not make these teams worse. I think Alphari is a fantastic player.”

Where could we see Alphari in the future? What is his maximum potential – and can he reach it? It will be interesting to see how things pan out.

It’s been interesting to follow Alphari since his days in the UK League of Legends scene way back in 2015 – you can check out our interview with a young Alphari with Team Infused here.

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