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UK Masters Week 4: Radix, MnM, Enclave and NerdRage clinch 2-0 Victories

Due to Bulldog Esports ending their League of Legends involvement, Radix Esports took the default win, despite letting go of their own League of Legends team the same day. Here is a quick recap of the week's UK Masters results Radix Esports 2 - 0 Bulldog MnM Gaming 2 - 0 Barrage Esports Enclave Gaming…
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How did the UK fare in the EU University Esports Masters? Here’s our tournament recap

The University Esport Masters (UEM) EU tournament took place last week from July 18th to 23rd. Craig Robinson looks back on the group stages and how well the UK's Aston Aunties performed. The UEM featured the best five university League of Legends teams from Europe, competing against each other for a cash prize of €500. With Aston Aunties (current NUEL champions)…
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Watch: UK’s Aston Aunties ADC MSR highlights vs France

The UK's best League of Legends university team - Aston Aunties - beat French side Lyon in the University Esports Masters (UEM) the other day. Here are some video highlights, featuring UK ADC Marcus "MSR" Raiyat, who finished the game with ten kills, two deaths and four assists as Lucian, plus a creep score of 302.…
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