Overreactions (week 1): The UKLC is doomed, Enclave are gonna finish last and Nvision, we’re not mad, just disappointed


Introducing Overreactions – a new opinion column written by Megalodontus looking back on the week’s UK League of Legends action (and not to be taken seriously)!

It’s doomed – the academy teams will dominate the WHOLE of 2020

“It’s done, it’s finally over…” said Frodo, thoroughly exhausted as his words trailed off, his shaking fingers gingerly grasping his laptop before closing it.

He knew deep down that the UKLC was doomed, and none would challenge the might of the academies in Fnatic Rising and BT Excel. The dark lord’s forces have triumphed.

Fnatic Rising destroyed their opposition – Enclave – with such force that all the naysayers were instantly converted and BT Excel handily defeated two teams that were touted to challenge the top 2 teams. With such a show of force, who is left to stand against the coming dark?

Week 1 definitely indicates how an entire year of League of Legends will go after all. Look at G2, they won their first game of the split and they won the LEC twice!

Also, Dan and Bravado, deathless in two games? With Sejuani, Dan should be practically as harmless as your nan’s blind chihuahua! It’s over I tell you. KDA means everything after all.


Phelan can make the miracle run again…

…yeah, maybe if every game was decided in 20 minutes. Expect Furndog to brandish the belt on his inting puppers. 

This is exactly how it went down

But hey, Jackspektra didn’t play Draven and they won one game. They’ll take those wins where they can get them.

You wouldn’t think it but… Barrage is now the hope of the UK

Like it or not, you’re boarding this damn ship. Sure, it’s not going to be Noah’s Ark, but you can be certain the only ones able to survive this biblical flood… is a team with a boat logo.

Well aside from the literal juxtaposition, Barrage are the unlikely heroes of the UKLC now, waving the symbolic Union Jack despite having no native players on their roster, a clear defiance against Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bonanza (and it’s working too).

Going 2-0 up in their first week while beating Phelan Gaming, where they had to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and the ‘academy slayers’ in Nvision, the team who were once the definition of a ‘free win’ have now become Anakin Skywalker.

“But wait, you said the academies will dominate 2020? You lying basta-”

Yeah well I’d like to dream that Barrage can gain the high ground and break this narrative, okay? And besides they have a Riven player in Flaresz, that’s the true measure of skill in a toplaner, NA or otherwise! (next week I expect you to criticise this team like you do the others, this Megalodontus/Barrage love affair is getting out of hand! – Dom).

I’m sorry Enclave but…

You guys are gonna be last. Sorry. It’s just like a game of tag, someone’s gotta be it, you know?

Also, blame Aux, not me!

Speaking of last place

Nvision Esports. I’m not mad, just disappointed. Losing to Barrage means only one thing: you’re going to be fighting with Enclave to avoid getting the wooden spoon award. Unless something drastically changes, like Nvision sacking this whole roster and putting Brelia’s dad as the team manager, I envision Nvsion in the UKEL in week 2 of the UKLC. Yes, relegations should happen after week 1, it’d make things more exciting right?

By the way Prosfair, you need coaching, so I’ll recommend one now

You can thank me later when you guys are 7th place.

Will Fnatic or Excel ascend to the throne of Mordor? Which org will produce the best memes? Can the author remain sane til this all finishes? (the author is sane? – Dom) Find out next week!

Disclaimer: None of this is to be taken too seriously and ENUK editor Dom is not responsible for your broken hearts if you do. Pity him please, he’s already in a prison called marriage. (Hey, I’m a voluntary prisoner, no pity necessary! – Dom)

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