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You can now support Esports News UK on crowdfunding website Patreon.

If you’re a fan of what we do and would like to make a small regular donation, you will allow us to produce more UK esports content and pay for better web hosting. Any donation you can offer would be massively appreciated – and we have a bunch of support rewards on offer too (including permanently listing our patrons on this very page).

For more information, check out the Esports News UK on crowdfunding website Patreon or watch this video:


Here’s our list of paying patrons. These people are officially awesome, and are helping us to make better content, cover more games, pay for fast, reliable web hosting, grow our team and attend more events. They have our thanks! Please give them a follow:


James DeanESL UK managing director (Diamond Patron)

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David DuffyMGG editor-in-chief (Diamond Patron)


Ben JepsonKairos Media innovation project manager (Diamond Patron)

alastair whitham

Alastair ‘McNoob’ WhithamFeenix founder (Diamond Patron)

adam jessop dont mess with me endpoint

Adam ‘Adz’ JessopEndpoint founder (Platinum Patron)

Tom Wade – Midnite software engineer (Gold Patron)

David Jackson – The NUEL head of marketing and strategy (Silver Patron)

Ryan ‘Wok’ Liu – StarCraft II manager for ePunks and co-lead at UKSC2 (Silver Patron)

Thank you to our anonymous donors, past patrons and a special thank you to our previous ‘Challenger’ Patreon, who also decided to remain anonymous. You’re a star.

Past Patrons:

  • Will Busfield
  • Gary Kimmelman
  • Mark “Oracle” Hare
  • Jon Jordan
  • Cara Ludik
  • Sam Reynolds
  • Ash Greenway
  • Joe “Joekerism” Kent
  • Nick “Crane” Turberville
  • David Duffy
  • Jake Reynolds
  • Lawrence Ho
  • Mark Garratt
  • Darkdron_1987
  • David Whitefoot
  • Other anonymous patrons

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Friends and affiliates

A selection of people and brands we have worked closely with and can recommend.

Elliot Sowersby – web developer and web hosting provider at RelyWP

RelyWP Feedback

Elliot Sowersby is a website and WordPress developer from Bridlington in the UK. He works closely with clients to develop the exact features they require at a high quality.

He ensures a website is optimised, responsive on all platforms and easy to use. Elliot talks in plain English and is a joy to work with.

Referral link for ENUK readers: If you’re interested in Elliot’s services, please use our referral link to help support us and get 15% off your first order when signing up for a care plan/hosting): Visit RelyWP here.

Laura Barnes, video editor

laura barnes video editor

Laura Barnes is an experienced content creator and video editor. She can use After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Logic Pro X to create music, visuals, motion design and more. She also has more than eight years of experience in journalism and magazine editing.

Laura created some animations for Esports News UK and Alpha Beta PC and has other work on the way with us too.

155 Creative – design agency

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155Creative has great experience and expertise in graphic design, web design and print. Its services include brand identity consultation, logo design, print Design, web design, contract publishing, advertising creatives and more.  

Thanks to…

Cheers to the following people who helped out with various things.


Thanks to our previous ad partners, including AOC, MSI, Zowie/BenQ, Acer, PRTG Network Monitor/Paessler, Dragoni and more.

If you want to partner with Esports News UK, please contact us here.

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This space is reserved for potential future partners and advertisers of Esports News UK.

If you’re interested in reaching around 100,000 readers and UK esports fans every month, we offer a range of advertising opportunities. Please contact us for more information.