What’s going on with all the groovy talent cosplay at ESL One Birmingham 2024?

Jenkins Austin Powers cosplay at ESL One Birmingham 2024

Wade ‘Aggresive Duck’ White explains why Dota 2 broadcast talent are dressing up in cosplay at ESL One Birmingham 2024.

With a Dota 2 major returning to UK shores, it only made sense for the ESL One event to take influence from British history and pop culture.

There’s a lot of the marketing imagery featuring the Dota 2 hero, Brewmaster, who you might find at your local Spoons getting on the pints on a Saturday morning.

But it isn’t just the marketing team having all the fun.

A number of broadcast talent and players are also giving it their best go at bringing out the true British side of them through a number of skits and costumes, despite the separate cosplay showcase being set Sunday before the Grand Finals.

Slacks, part of the ESL One Birmingham 2024 broadcast talent line-up, donned a top hat.

He said: “On my way to ESL Dota 2 Birmingham and I got a top hat cause I thought it would be funny British look. But now I gotta wear it on the airplane the whole time cause I don’t have a box, and I look like an insane person.”

The star of the show though has to be Jenkins on the talent desk, sporting a different costume for each day of the group stage, from a ‘ye olden times’ knight, a Shakespearean actor and the obvious for a Brum-based event – a Peaky Blinder.

And finally during the first day of the playoffs bracket, a Queen-inspired look and the debut of Freddy Jenkury.

A Clockwerk Orange cosplay at ESL One Birmingham 2024?

Whilst most teams leaned more into more well-known British media and memes, BetBoom Team went down a completely different route.

Inspired by the 1971 dystopian crime film by Stanley Kubrick, BetBoom had their players dress up as the droogs from A Clockwork Orange, using said photos for many of their result images from the event.

The ESL One team also had some fun welcoming the only British player at the event, Ari, with a very English Football inspired note.

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