VCT EMEA 2024 broadcast talent, Kickoff tournament details and Fnatic London Watch Party announced


The Valorant VCT EMEA 2024 broadcast talent line-up has been announced, along with the upcoming Kickoff tournament details and a Fnatic Watch Party in London.

VCT EMEA 2024 broadcast talent includes Yinsu, Pansy, Frankie, Steel, Soe and more

The top level Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) in EMEA once again includes a variety of UK esports casters and hosts for 2024.

The English language line-up includes:

  • Yinsu (Collins, UK) – host
  • Frankie (Ward, UK) – guest
  • Soe (Switzerland) – guest
  • Steel (Canada/UK) – guest
  • Ash (Canada) – caster
  • Pavlos (aka ExWarrior, Canada) – caster
  • Hypoc (UK) – caster
  • Kaquka (Spain) – caster
  • Lothar (Poland) – caster
  • MitchMan (Ireland) – caster
  • Pansy (UK) – caster
  • Tombizz (UK) – caster

Liquipedia’s EMEA Kickoff 2024 page also lists xilv (UK) as an observer and callmehanspeter (Germany) as a producer.

Yinsu said: “Off season is nearly over! So grateful to be back and excited to work with this crazy talented bunch of people. Steel is EMEA now just sayin.”

Tombizz said: “Another year on the VCT and this year I’ll be living right on the doorstep of EMEA. So much has changed since Champions and I can’t wait to get back to the job I love.”

MitchMan added: “This year will be unlike any other, can’t wait to kick this off next week!”

Frankie said: “I’m stopping by for week one and CAN’T wait. I haven’t experienced a tech delay in ages so I figure I was hired to counteract the Pansy and Hypoc curse.”

Soe, who was recently hit by the wave of layoffs in gaming and esports, was previously a prominent face in the Overwatch League broadcasts before being let go by Activision Blizzard.

Soe said:

“Delighted to share that I’ll be a guest on the VCT EMEA broadcast this season! Excited to reconnect with old friends and equally eager to forge new connections. Get ready for a memorable year ahead, no doubt about it!”



UK talent RyanCentral, who missed out on being a part of the VCT EMEA 2024 broadcast talent line-up, said he will be focusing on streaming instead.

“I wasn’t asked to be involved in EMEA for Kickoff so I’m going hard into streaming VCT this year instead,” RyanCentral said. “I’ll be watchpartying all of the China league this year as well as covering Pacific when it doesn’t clash. I’ll see how it goes before I add EMEA into the mix.

“I know I’m not owed anything, I know I can be better at my craft, I know there’s others who are more knowledgeable, charismatic and popular than me, I know I can be an ass to people. But being completely ignored and disregarded to work EMEA sucks. Makes you feel worthless. Go next.”

VCT EMEA Kickoff tournament approaches: teams, format, schedule and more

11 EMEA teams will take part in the VCT EMEA Kickoff tournament, which kicks off on February 20th 2024.

Teams include Fnatic, BBL, FUT, GiantX, Karmine Corp, Koi, Navi, Heretics, Liquid, Vitality and Gentle Mates (the latter of which made it through Ascension last year, beating Apeks in the final, whose 2024 roster are instead playing in the lower-tier Challengers Northern Europe Polaris).

The matches are as follows:

  • February 20th (17:00 CET) – FUT Esports vs Team Heretics
  • February 20th (20:00 CET) – GiantX vs Karmine Corp
  • February 21st (14:00 CET) – Natus Vincere vs BBL Esports
  • February 21st (17:00 CET) – Team Liquid vs KOI
  • February 21st (20:00 CET) – Team Vitality vs Gentle Mates

Kick Off’s group stage will run to Feb 25th, with the play-ins on Feb 26th and playoffs from Feb 29th to March 1st.

The tournament will take place at the recently revamped Riot Games Arena in Berlin.

There’s more info on this VCT EMEA 2024 Kickoff page on the Valorant esports website.

Fnatic to host VCT EMEA Watch Party at London HQ

London-headquartered esports organisation will host a Watch Party for the VCT EMEA on Friday February 23rd 2024, where they will play against the winner of Vitality and M8 in Group C.

The free event will take place at Fnatic HQ, 1 Kingsland Passage, London, E8 2BB, with doors opening at 4.30pm GMT.

It will include a goodie bag for each guest, as well as snacks, drinks and pizza, and custom deathmatches for visitors to take part in.

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