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WoW Shadowlands: Is this the next Warcraft expansion?

It's that funny time after a big World of Warcraft content update has gone live but before Blizzcon - and internet speculation about the next expansion is rife. The WoW community is currently talking about the 'leak' of the moment: Shadowlands. Details of the possible Shadowlands expansion were first posted on 4chan and later discussed…
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‘Apology not accepted’ – Asmongold brands Taliesin’s apology ‘fake’ after rant about streamer power and responsibility

UPDATE (July 17th): Will this saga ever end? Asmongold has now claimed that Taliesin's apology (below) was fake, because afterwards Taliesin liked this comment on Twitter: You made the mistake of apologizing. Never ever apologize. Secondly Asmongold got huge off of creators like you on his live stream. Thirdly Asmongold hates wow and undermines everything Blizzard…
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Method founder outlines cross-guild agreement to prevent “long-term damage” of Race to World First WoW raids

UPDATE: Minutes after posting our below article, Method announced its Raid to World First: Eternal Palace partner will be TakeTV in Germany. The stream will begin on the evening of July 16th on Method’s Twitch channel. Broadcast talent will include UK WoW content creator Mike 'Preach' Lamb, Adam 'Finalboss' Knych, JB 'Jdotb' Daniel, Peyton 'Tettles' Tettleton and many more. David Kugelmann, TakeTV COO, said:…
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Blizzard rescinds Preach Gaming’s invite to Content Creator Summit after banning him and other Warcraft players like MethodJosh over the leveling potion issue

UPDATE (April 12th 2019): Preach has revealed that Blizzard rescinded his invite to a Content Creator Summit in California. Here, he would have viewed upcoming content in World of Warcraft and had the chance to provide feedback to the dev team. But following his ban (explained below), he was no longer invited. The reason he…
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Method secure world-first Mythic Jaina kill

The World of Warcraft raiding guild arm of UK competitive organisation Method have become the first to down Jaina Proudmore on Mythic difficulty. They completed the Race to World First to conquer the second raid in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Battle of Dazar'alor - faster than any other guild. Method streamed their attempt live from the…
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Method clear Mythic Uldir with world-first G’huun kill in World of Warcraft

UK esports organisation Method have secured a world-first kill of G'huun on Mythic difficulty. This means they are the first to clear 8/8 bosses in the Uldir raid scenario in World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion Battle for Azeroth. The org secured the kill this evening, after a very close attempt yesterday (September 18th), where they…
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