Method Secure World Third in Race to World First for Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

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Update (November 30th 2023): UK esports organisation and World of Warcraft raid team Method have secured world third in the latest Race to World First.

They defeated Fyrakk on the evening of Wednesday November 29th, finishing behind Echo (who got the world first on November 26th) and Team Liquid (November 27th).

The news comes as Blizzard prepares to launch World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery at 9pm GMT today (November 30th).

Method founder and CEO Scott ‘Sco’ McMillan also had his beard shaved to raise money for Movember.

Original article (November 8th 2023): Method have announced their latest Race to World First broadcast.

The team will be heading to 1337 Camp in Germany once again to compete in the race to complete Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope in Mythic difficulty. It’s the latest raid in World of Warcraft (WoW), and the final one in the Dragonflight expansion.

11 raiders and 10 casters will put on a show from November 14th 2023 for WoW fans.

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The Race to World First begins on November 14th 2023 in North America, and in Europe it starts a day later, with the Method broadcast kicking off on November 15th.

Method founder and CEO Scott ‘Sco’ McMillan said the guild is ‘looking super strong’.

“With awesome casters, a great line-up of partners and a bigger and better live event, it’s going to be a great time,” he said. “Can’t wait for it to kick off and be there in person supporting the team.”

Late last year, Method secured world third in the Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates raid over the Christmas period.

Method have secured several world firsts over the years. A few years ago, another raid team called Echo were formed by former Method raiders and have gone on to win several tournaments.

A few days ago, Echo won the Guild Clash arena and dungeon tournaments at Blizzcon 2023, where Blizzard announced three new World of Warcraft expansions plus new updates to the Classic version of the game.

Fans can follow Method’s progress on their website 24/7, and watch their raiders on Twitch and a multi-stream on Ection.

Which Method raiders and casters are a part of the Amirdrassil Race to World First broadcast?

Method announced that their following raiders will be taking part:

  • Sjele
  • Bangerz
  • Lorgokz
  • Fragnance
  • Nezro
  • Kwepp
  • Wildi
  • Cruella
  • Speed
  • Danwarr
  • Cayna

And the casters are as follows:

  • Darkmech
  • Roiben
  • KillerPigeon
  • Kexman
  • Deepshades
  • Shejkin
  • RageDarling
  • Sco 
  • Purke
  • Psybear
  • Gromnak

Method announce partners and charity support of Movember

Method’s partners for the Race to World First broadcast include:

  • Kingston Fury
  • Metafy 
  • Humanscale 
  • Nyfter 
  • Eneba 
  • Bedlam 
  • Fateless 
  • Visit Malta 
  • Stepstone 
  • 1337Camp 

The guild will be hosting a giveaway with products from the sponsors, including a $3,000 PC, with details on how to enter coming soon on social media.

Method are also supporting Movember as part of the broadcast.

Movember is of course the charitable organisation that aims to improve men’s physical and mental health, and each November men grow their beards to raise money for the cause.

The org also thanked WarcraftLogs and for their support of the broadcast.

Method announce partners and charity support of Movember

method ection

New multi-streaming platform Ection also sent a press release to us about its partnership with Method.

Users can watch multiple streams simultaneously on the platform to follow the action from different points of view, without multiple tabs.

There are pre-made playlists including the main Race to World First broadcast, as well as the perspective of tank and healer POVs, and DPS POVs.

They’re also running challenges to give away Method mouse mats, jerseys and more.

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