WoWgatha Christie: Asmongold turns detective over MrGM and Moudi streamer drama


Two World of Warcraft (WoW) content creators MrGM and Moudi have been involved in some drama, with the latter making accusations towards the former.

Forget the Wagatha Christie incident – this is arguably Warcraft’s WoWgatha Christie moment.

Moudi, a Sweden-based teacher and scientist in genetic immunology (who produces WoW content in his part time), posted a half-hour video accusing well-known British content creator MrGM of taking parts of his content without crediting him. He claimed that MrGM would post very similar content a few days after Moudi did.

He also alleged that MrGM had pretended that he didn’t know who Moudi was, edited out his name when sharing a list of content creators, insulted his content, and that a Blizzard community manager took MrGM’s side, leading Moudi to leave the World of Warcraft partner program.

This led to Asmongold making a reaction video on this, picking apart Moudi’s claims one by one, live on stream, as some sort of detective. Asmongold’s video was an hour and a half long, titled ‘I Accidentally Fell Down the Funniest Rabbit Hole’.

While Asmongold and his chat thought Moudi was largely lacking concrete evidence, Asmon said there were a few valid points in there. Namely, MrGM editing out Moudi’s name in a screenshot of a list of content creators (see 45:58 here):

There’s also this part where, in one of his videos, MrGM uses a screenshot from Moudi’s content. And Moudi also accused MrGM of copying what he was saying on stream.

There’s of course a lot more in the video on MrGM and Moudi that Asmongold analysed.

At the end of the video, Asmongold created a poll, asking his viewers what they thought. 59% chose the ‘I literally do not fucking care’ option, 35% said Moudi was in the right, and 6% sided with MrGM.

“This is more interesting than the Shadowlands storyline, in my opinion. There’s more grey area here than Sylvanas’ storyline, it’s amazing. I love this – I actually wanted to go to law school to be a lawyer.”


On investigating the whole MrGM and Moudi drama, Asmongold said: “I love this. This is my favourite part about streaming. I actually wanted to go to law school to be a lawyer before dropping out to play video games. It’s so interesting and fun for me, I could do this all day. It’s improved my mood substantially.

“This is more interesting than the Shadowlands storyline, in my opinion. There’s more grey area here than Sylvanas’ storyline, it’s amazing.”

MrGM and Moudi and others comment on the drama

Several in the community reacted negatively to Moudi’s initial video, saying it lacked firm evidence and it wasn’t the right way to go about the situation.

Method streamer Darkmech said: “You lack any ability for self-reflection on your own content or why it fails (in comparison), the quality all the way through is lacking when you directly compare it to MrGM’s. The audio, the video quality, and the thumbnails are all lacking (when compared with MrGM). All this would be ok too, if you weren’t on this quest to say someone is stealing your content and that is why you’re not in the same position.

“You both cover the same PTR content, it’s going to be the same 99% of the time and all that generally matters is who has the most digestible format of that coverage. Stop blaming someone else for your own content shortcomings.”

Others also said Moudi was jealous that MrGM was invited to Blizzcon and he wasn’t, and that two content creators in the same game will naturally cover similar content.

MrGM said that he had received death threats and threats of violence over the last few days and that he had reported this to the police.

Moudi tweeted out the following:

So there we have it. Streamer drama that could have perhaps been resolved in direct messages that instead spilled into the public domain – and Asmongold’s stream.

It also goes without saying that death threats are absolutely not okay, and this situation is once again a reminder of how some streamers’ followers can respond to a video in an abhorrent way.

And if Moudi’s claims are true, then it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen this sort of plagiarism from a content creator, nor the last.

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