UK caster trio set for EU Challenger Series

UPDATE: Dezachu has been added to the line-up. He was observer this week and will be casting next week.

Original article:
Three British League of Legends casters will be casting the EU Challenger Series Summer 2017 Split.
Former doctor duo Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain and Ceirnan “Excoundrel” Lowe will be joined by Jack “Jaws” Wright to cast the split, which gets underway this Sunday, June 18th.
The casters plied their trade in the UK esports scene, particularly Excoundrel and Medic (formerly known as Sona), who formed a formidable co-casting partnership.
As you can see from the definitely un-doctored (see what we did there?!) image from epic.LAN a few years back, they’ve been casting together for a while.

They’re joined by Jaws, a shoutcaster for a variety of games including LoL, Overwatch and Vainglory, and one of our up-and-coming casters to watch from UK and Ireland esports.
The trio have worked with the likes of ESL UK, Multiplay and more.
Excoundrel and Medic also cast the Spring Challenger Series qualifiers with ESL UK’s Munchables earlier this year, and Medic recently made his LCS debut with the community singing his praises.

The six teams in the summer EU Challenger Series are Wind and Rain (WAR), Red Bulls, Giants, PSG, Schalke and Origen.
WAR secured a new roster after their old one was signed by Origen, including the former MnM mid-laner Larssen and British jungler Dan.
You can read more about the Challenger Series scheduling and team info on the LoLEsports website.
You can watch Excoundrel and Medic in action from last year’s UK Masters here:

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