UK Talent to Cast EU Challenger Series Qualifiers

rsz league of legends challenger series europe 1

The casting talent for this years EU Challenger Series Qualifiers has been confirmed today.
EUCS Casters
Fans of the UK League of Legends Premiership will be familiar with the sights and sounds of this talented trio, while UK Masters fans took Excoundrel and Sona to their hearts in the latter stages of 2016.
Here is what the casters had to say after the news broke.

The games kick off on the  January 10th at 4pm GMT with games continuing through January 14th. The games will be a best of 1 format and will use the 6-ban system rather than the 10-ban system that will be used in the coming Challenger Series and LCS splits. The games will be played on patch 6.24.
For more information about what teams feature in this year’s Qualifier head over to lolesports, while UK fans can support UK Premiership winners Team Larssen “formerly MnM” will play their first game at 5pm GMT versus Alientech Esports.

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