Red Bulls and WAR qualify for EU League of Legends Challenger Series

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The EU League of Legends Challenger Series Qualifiers are over – and two teams have progressed to the summer 2017 split.
Wind and Rain (WAR), the team formerly known as PAM/Polite and Mature, are the first to qualify. They originally progressed to the CSQs through Ragnarok 2017 with UK coach Alex “Kazehaya” Hirst, who predicted they would upset some teams.
See their full story on how they stomped the start of the CSQs here.
The other team that qualified this weekend is Red Bulls, the team that made it through the open qualifiers with British former LCS player Raymond “Kasing” Tsang.
WAR and Red Bulls will join Giants, PSG, Schalke and Origen in the summer 2017 EU Challenger Series. However, it’s rumoured that Origen will sell their spot, potentially to German football club Hertha Berlin.
Both WAR and Red Bulls made easy work in the finals today, with Wind and Rain beating Tricked Esports 3-0 and Red Bulls defeating Team LDLC 3-0.
While WAR’s games were slightly closer (you can see the full scores on Reddit here), Red Bulls were more dominant with shorter games.
In fact, Red Bulls picked up a perfect KDA in their first game versus LDLC, with ten kills, no deaths and 20 assists.

Since today’s results, a bold prediction tweet made by Tricked stand-in P1noy last week has been retweeted more than 40 times.

Matches were streamed on the UK Masters Twitch channel.
The team representing UK & Ireland, MnM Gaming, were knocked out of the Challenger Series Qualifiers last Friday.
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