'10/10 should cast Worlds' – Medic makes his LCS debut and the community already loves him

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British caster Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain cast his first match in the League of Legends EU LCS this evening, and he was on fine form as per usual.
He’s casting this weekend and will be casting some more games throughout the 2017 summer.
His first match was Unicorns of Love versus Mysterious Monkeys (Twitch VoD here), casting alongside Martin “Deficio” Lynge. The pair gelled well with one another on-air.

Medic said: “I’m very grateful that I’m getting this shot. Casting LCS has always been my aim and it’s an honour to have the chance.
“Hopefully I can keep performing well and bring the hype to some excellent EU action!”
On the first match, he said: “Was a great series that made it really easy to settle in to casting. Deficio has been great and has helped me so much! Onwards and upwards, and next time I’ll make sure to say ‘Csacsi!'”
Medic first began casting the Challenger Series earlier this year, and was previously rumoured to be casting the LCS.

’10/10 should cast Worlds’ – viewers praise Medic

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Medic was really well received in his first LCS match, with Twitch, Twitter and Reddit users singing his praises.
NAzookeeper commented: “The guy is pretty amazing. Some of the things he says on the fly are just downright amazing. Also he is tall and its nice that Deficio has someone to look up to now.”
Another Reddit user, Montichord, said: “I love him. Some of the things he says when he’s getting super hype crack me the f*ck up.
“10/10 should cast Worlds.”
TeamHosey added: “LOVED MEDIC! His line about “asystole” made my wife lose her mind cause she is a nurse. She doesn’t even like League but she wants to hear so much more of him. Keep it up Medic! Hope to hear more of your casts in the future!”
Other casters and broadcasters continued to heap the praise on Medic on Twitter:


Molded by the UK scene

Some casters merely adopted the League of Legends puns and banter, but Medic was born in it, molded by it.
Medic cast plenty of League of Legends matches in the UK – where he was known as Sona – including UK Masters, Insomnia, ESL Premiership and League Fest games.
He was known for casting with fellow former med school guy-turned-caster Excoundrel.
We remember a couple of moments in particular back when we started covering the UK scene. One where he got excited about Tahm Kench popping Thick Skin (apologies for the poor recording quality), and the ‘Bird is the flippin’ word!’ match:

Oh, and this:

If you want to hear some reaaally early Medic, then check this old UK match out:

Here’s to many more magic Medic moments in the LCS!

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