Dignitas renews contracts for Heroes of the Storm players – 'we can become one of the strongest teams in the world'

team dignitas win summer regional eu 1

Long-running UK-founded esports organisation Team Dignitas have renewed the contracts for their Heroes of the Storm team.
The side – ranked fourth in the world in 2016 – features British players James “Bakery” Baker (team captain) and Joshua “Snitch” Bennett, as well as Frenchmen Jérôme “JayPL” Trinh and Thomas “Mene” Cailleu.
The four-time European Champions placed fourth at BlizzCon 2016, and are the only Western-based team to qualify for and attend every official circuit event last year.
Team Dignitas have also signed 22-year-old Danish player Kenn “Zaelia” Rasmussen as a melee assassin.
In September 2016, US basketball brand the Philadelphia 76ers acquired a controlling interest in Team Dignitas.
Danish football club FC Copenhagen also this week signed Dignitas’ former CSGO team.

“With the incredible support and backing from the Sixers, we can undoubtedly become one of the strongest teams in the world.”
Snitch, Team Dignitas

“We are pleased to welcome the return of our globally dominating Heroes of the Storm Team,” said Michael “ODEE” O’Dell, Team Dignitas President.
“They achieved incredible success in 2016 and are hungry to compete and win at a world level; they are very focused on performing well in the Blizzard HGC League. I am continuously impressed with their passion to play, desire to win and dedication to each other.
“They have an intensity I simply love as a manager. Team Dignitas fans should be incredibly excited about the addition of ‘Zaelia’ to the squad.”
Bakery added: “Team Dignitas is more than just a team to me, it’s a family. I know I can count on my Team Dignitas teammates and staff to support me in every possible way in my training and development needs. I’m extremely excited and proud to be able to say I am team captain for 2017.”
Snitch commented: “I’m looking forward to another year with Team Dignitas. In 2016, we trained and competed with incredible intensity and accomplished so much. Working together with the team was one of the best experiences I’ve had and an incredible start to my career in Heroes of the Storm.
“I believed that re-signing  was important because we have the strongest roster in Europe and with the incredible support and backing from the Sixers, we can undoubtedly become one of the strongest teams in the world.”
Mene said: “It was important for me to re-sign because the management in Team Dignitas is one of the best. The fact that the Sixers are part of Team Dignitas motivates me even more to stay on the team and I’m excited to be part of this incredible period of growth in the eSports industry with their help.”
JayPL added: “I’m thrilled to re-sign with Team Dignitas. I believe that right now we have a winning combination of players with experience and diversity of skill. I think Team Dignitas fans will be incredibly excited to see us train, compete and perform at an elite level this year.”
Zaelia commented: “It really is the greatest feeling to be given this opportunity. I am confident that my hours of dedication and hard work will help me support my new  teammates.
“I feel fortunate to play for a team where I am encouraged to be myself and strive for greatness. With Team Dignitas and the Philadelphia 76ers at my side, I know this is the beginning of an incredible journey and an absolute blast.”

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