Memes of the Month: The Fiesta of Clowns (September 2016)

fiesta of clowns 1

There’s a very interesting and strange collection of memes we have for you from the UK League of Legends eSports scene this month (plus a couple of Street Fighter ones too).

Game of Thrones Fiesta of Clowns

xL jungler Skudzy produced a Game of Thrones-inspired UK LoL eSports meme following some of the initial drama in early September.

And another one when xL almost fell apart at the start of the current ESL UK LoL Prem split…

Batmani Begins support player Synygy also got in on the action…


Attack of the fan – part 2

Following xL Barnetto’s difficulty with fans (see ‘fanning the flames’ from last month), Sensei jungler Tyrin has been keeping himself preoccupied from home during i58.


A pair of lemons

Not a meme but we love this pic. If you haven’t done so yet, check out our interview with LemonNation and Joekerism here.


i58’s seedy seeding system

Paria were not happy with their seeding at i58, so here’s a Photoshop of former Paria player Bartiono.


He’s got Hart

Ryan Hart put in an excellent performance at the Capcom Pro Tour at EGX – check out our write-up here. For his efforts, he got made into a Guile meme.

Another one:



Elsewhere, it turns out that despite ManaLight folding earlier in the year, there’s a ‘premiere’ eSports organisation in the US with the same name and seemingly identical branding. What are the chances!
Those are some serious hue, saturation and tweeting skills though… (the ManaLightGaming imposter account since banned us, so our below screenshots will have to do…)
mana-lite mana-lite-2
Another nice ManaLight meme from Caster Tridd:


Because I got high

The secret to KaSing’s success revealed?


Telling a tale…

Choke’s former coach Nihir Vedd takes a trip down memory lane…


Moves like Jagger

MnM’s ADC Smiley really losing himself to the music during his side’s tournament win at i58 last month. He’s a special lad isn’t he.

More MnM weirdness…


A 50/50 chance 

TCA analyst Marek Walker embraced his own meme (he once said TCA had a 50/50 chance of beating MnM), with this self-deprecating tweet. Well played sir.


Meme of the Year?

Riot’s meme master Ben “Draggles” Forbes has exited the UK scene to work in the US with one final epic bow… (based on this drama article here)

We don’t like posting things on ourselves here at eSports News UK but feel it would be an injustice not to applaud the effort Tyrin put into this one:

And here’s Ped guessing the drama before the article was written… (that’s a story for next month):



Our meme aggregation articles are just supposed to be a bit of fun, so if anything has upset you, please let us know.
Did we miss anything? Have your say in the comments section below or tweet us @eSports_News_UK

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