UK League of Legends drama continues: Last Remedy face internal conflict, claim they were being pushed out by coach

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UPDATE: Billy “Nutri” Wragg sent us the following statement: “We as the team of 5 with Jamie present agreed to stay with Last Remedy for the upcoming ESL split before we had knowledge that we did not have ownership of the ESL spot, as it was the right thing to do and we didn’t want to screw them over.”
UPDATE: A player has written and sent us an opinion piece covering their anonymous thoughts on the situation.
Original article:
Following the UK League of Legends drama the other day, a new situation has developed which is spiraling out of control.
Last Remedy, the new UK eSports organisation who brought in some very good League players (like Augustas “Toaster” Ruplys, Ashley “Rifty” Mayes and Billy “Nutri” Wragg) just before the ESL UK Premiership roster lock-ins happened a few days ago, have been caught in an internal conflict with management and their new coach Jamie “Tundra” Duthie.
Tundra is no stranger to the scene, having won various LANs in the UK in the past.
Last Remedy approached eSports News UK with information and chat logs, claiming that Tundra had been bullying, manipulating them and blackmailing them over the future of the org.
Last Remedy claim that after Tundra joined a few days ago (before the roster lock), he negotiated with org management – co-founder and CEO Grant “Greivance” Rousseau – to get the players a higher percentage of potential winnings.
85% was agreed, and Last Remedy claim that Tundra asked for another 10%, leaving the org with 5%.
eSports News UK understands that org management declined Tundra’s request.
What happened next was that Last Remedy claim Tundra requested the org’s current coaches – Jon “Taty” Ellis and James “Mac” MacCormack – leave. After a chat between Grant and the coaches, Grant eventually let them go.
After this, eSports News UK understands some members of the team were growing disillusioned of Last Remedy’s abilities to secure sponsors, and Tundra suggested to management that they should sell their spot to another org, who would also be able to pay for LAN accommodation and travel.
Update: Tundra says the above two paragraphs aren’t true and has denied he made the request for 10% more.
eSports News UK understands that some Last Remedy staff may have implied to management that if Last Remedy didn’t get a new org on board or sponsors/a guarantee of income, the players would drop out anyway and play by themselves – as they apparently owned the Premiership spot.
eSports News UK understands a similar in-fighting situation also took place at both ManaLight and Exertus during the previous split.
Going back to Last Remedy, Grant, again agreed to have a look around for orgs and sponsors, and spoke to at least one other org about selling Last Remedy to them. But no such deal has yet been struck.
In the meantime, Last Remedy promised their team that management will pay for LAN at the very least.
While Grant claims that Tundra and Toaster had manipulated the rest of the team (saying Toaster kicked out previous support Elmtanu to get Nutri in – without letting the org know, and that Toaster had been talking to Tundra ‘for weeks’), Last Remedy ultimately met their demands. And it’s clear that they continued to meet their demands until they grew uncomfortable with how the situation was developing.
As there are no contracts with Last Remedy, all of these promises made by management and staff are ultimately worthless. 
During the match between Last Remedy and Perilous this evening, Last Remedy management contacted eSports News UK with their side of the story. Following the match, we reached out to Tundra and some of the other players to get both sides.
According to chat logs sent to us by both Grant and Tundra, there was some confusion between the two of them as to who actually owned Last Remedy’s ESL UK Premiership slot. Last Remedy claim Tundra was saying it’s the players.
ENUK checked the ESL UK rulebook and reached out to ESL to find out for ourselves. The rules are that if an org is a legal entity, it owns the spot. If it’s not a legal entity, a person on the org can receive a licence to say they claim the spot. That licence belongs to co-owner Louis ‘Sméagol’ Green.
During the time we’ve spent researching and writing this article, the situation has sort of been resolved. But – much to the disdain of all parties we’ve spoken to – the story still needs to be told.
Both former coaches – Jon “Taty” Ellis and James “Mac” MacCormack – have rejoined the org. And ENUK was told by Last Remedy management that Tundra ‘now has no power – he is simply just a coach’. Tundra has weighed in and says he never had power at any point, just that he joined because the players asked him to.
It’s sad to tell this story, because eSports News UK had a pair of upset org owners initially approach us feeling they were getting immorally kicked out by their own staff, but on the flipside, a coach and players who were pushing for more from them. eSports News UK understands that some of the team may have felt management were not up to scratch to lead the team, but equally, Last Remedy brought the roster together in the first place.
We’ve posted the initial chat logs that were shared with us below so you can decide for yourself who is in the wrong, the right and why – in its current state – UK competitive League of Legends is still not regarded as highly as it could be.
UK LoL org claims coach bullies org, org meets demands/makes promises, org doesn’t like where this is going, demands increase, org panic and change their mind and try to stop the crazy situation it’s becoming, org goes public with chat logs.

The chat logs in full

21:39] Greivance: as a quick heads up, lets chat tomrorow. Im gonna be in bed before this finishes xd
[21:39] Tundra: ok
whats up though
should the players be looking to speak to other orgs
[21:40] Greivance: no no
im gonna lead it.
i mean….if you’re willing to chat quck now?
i can explain?
whilst game is on in background
[21:41] Tundra: er
is typing ok?
[21:41] Greivance: ok, on here
[21:41] Tundra: sure fire away
[21:41] Greivance: the same points stand, i wanna get an org in to back up the financials the team want. I could spend the next month doing my best to get it…and maybe i could
but rather than fail, i’d rather be safe now and get someone in
so i would like to lead it. I have an offer coming in tonight/tomorrow from the team i spoke about
i wanted to ask for contacts of the orgs you said had approached you…to lead this myself
to get the best options for the team
and then will discuss all the different offers with the players and you
to see which you go with
thats the idea
[21:43] Tundra: but no disrespect but why would you/louis need to be involved?
if its a case of switching orgs surely its just on the players
[21:43] Greivance: because its what im good at……
let me negotiate the best deal and the best options
[21:43] Tundra: But youre brand new to orgs
[21:44] Greivance: but i know how to run a business and how to negotiate deals
[21:44] Tundra: Just because you have a business degree doesnt mean youd be better at negotiating a deal than people with 5 years in esports
but we wouldnt need somebody who knows how to run a business
because wed be joining an existing org
[21:44] Greivance: dude…you’re totally looking at it wrong
i dont have to do this…and im giving up everything to get you the best offers and work for the players
[21:44] Tundra: But what if the org already has plenty of staff
[21:45] Greivance: you think you dont need someone leading….but i’d somewhat disagree. Let me do what i do best…negotiate with people, negotiate with teams
[21:45] Tundra: The orgs will have somebody leading though
[21:45] Greivance: well then i guess i step away
[21:45] Tundra: its not like orgs dont have owners/managers
[21:45] Greivance: true
[21:45] Tundra: all due respect it just seems like the project moved a bit to fast for you
[21:45] Greivance: but i believe once i show the orgs what i’ve done and where we sit…theyll want me on too
nah man….i knew it would be fast
[21:45] Tundra: and that youre trying to tag along with the more advanced roster now knowing that the org cant sustain such a team
[21:45] Greivance: im going with it
[21:46] Tundra: like I understand how much work youve put into this
[21:46] Greivance: i think orgs would want me there seeing as i have managed to get these players and yourself on
[21:46] Tundra: of course
[21:46] Greivance: utlimately in a couple months
[21:46] Tundra: but that should be seperate to the roster
[21:46] Greivance: we’ve gone to almost winning it
[21:46] Tundra: yes but thats because of toaster
toaster brought me rifty nutri and kept broxah
[21:46] Greivance: woah slow down hang on
firstly, i got toaster
secondly, toaster asked us to get rifty and we did that
the only one he fully got was nutri
you werent even here at this point?…..
and i kept broxah…
[21:47] Tundra: Ive been speaking to them for weeks
[21:47] Greivance: i was talking to him for an hour
ahh ok…
[21:47] Tundra: toaster had to convince him in pm
[21:47] Greivance: its all been planned
[21:47] Tundra: all been planned xd?
[21:47] Greivance: well look. lemme give you an example of this offer coming in
[21:48] Tundra: [21:47] Greivance: its all been planned
excuse me
[21:48] Greivance: this offer coming in provide the backing you guys want. As part of it, louis is stepping away…and I move to a ‘director’ role with the,
where my focus is on the org as a whole, they may make me manager of team but i think they’re doing it themselves
so….thats an example…i am basically stepping away from you guys
i believe thats what i can do with other offers
but if other offers come in which are better for the team
[21:49] Tundra: well theres no rush
after we win tonight
[21:49] Greivance: that invlove me stepping away
[21:49] Tundra: we have a week
[21:49] Greivance: you have it in writing
i will step away
[21:49] Tundra: so lets schedule it meet this weekend
you take that time to arrange as many offers you can
and i will inform the players and they will look themselves
[21:49] Greivance: ok
[21:49] Tundra: come the weekend
we can see what offers you bring to the table
[21:49] Greivance: as part of that, can you give me the names involved
[21:49] Tundra: we never had an org
but its always a good negotiation thing to say
[21:49] Greivance: you said you had offers?
come on
thats….come on dude…
[21:50] Tundra: ?
like I already said
the players could literally leave the name now and play as LF ORG
[21:50] Greivance: you said you had offers?
beside the point
i’ve said what im willing to do
i can offer anymore
i am asking to stay on to a point to see this all through as i believe i have a lot to offer the team
or an org
not as manager perhaps…but perhaps with them at a higher point
so yeah….
i would like to lead the search for offers until the weekend and we talk then
after that….thats when you get players to looka
[21:51] Tundra: sure thing
thats fair enough
[21:51] Greivance: man….you arent making this easy dude
[21:52] Tundra: Its business
[21:52] Greivance: i thought there was morals and honesty in this kind of business….guess not
[21:53] Tundra: It goes both ways
if you dont prove the legitimacy of your offers
why would we
for all you knew i had an NDA on those offers
Of course there is
morals and honestly
[21:54] Greivance: you have given me less that 24 hours since the roster came up before saying all this.
[21:54] Tundra: Look
this is a top 2 UK team
[21:54] Greivance: yep
[21:55] Tundra: it doesnt belong with an org thats a month old with no sponsors
regardless of who runs it and nice they are
you got A class players into the team
[21:55] Greivance: yes…I got
[21:55] Tundra: without A class backing
how can you expect to keep them
[21:56] Greivance: but thats why im offering to let everything go on my part
to allow backing to come in
but now you’re saying on top, why bother with me and louis
thats what hurts….im giving up everything to allow this backing to come in and make the team more stable
and now you want me and louis out….thats whats upsetting
you get me?
[21:57] Tundra: No if the org wants you thats fine
but you dont have a right to attach yourself into the roster offer
[21:57] Greivance: have i not earnt anything… i not deserve anything
like…literally nothing…
[21:58] Tundra: Of course you do
[21:58] Greivance: so what do i get then?
[21:58] Tundra: Last Remedy
you rebuild it with a roster that suits the org
[21:59] Greivance: but no spot in prem… players…no nothing
a name…i get a name
and you sit there….having offically been in the team for just a few days
you deserve to take the team forward
man…im literally in tears
thats so messed up dude
do you have no morals?
[22:01] Tundra: the fact that youre reacting this emotionally to a clear business decision despite coming from a business degree background is a bit odd?
like there are no morals or feelings involved
[22:01] Greivance: i have put everything into this for 3 months
[22:01] Tundra: I have known you 2 days and the vast majority of the roster have spoken to you once
yes but not with us
[22:01] Greivance: 16 hours a day
[22:01] Tundra: yes and thats great
[22:01] Greivance: it would be odd if i wasnt emotional about it..
[22:01] Tundra: and its why last remedy will do well under you
but you werent ready for a team like this
[22:01] Greivance: why do you think that?
thats what i dont get
why dont you think that
i’ve been given no chance
in 48 hours…’ve decided i aint ready
[22:02] Tundra: because you have no sponsors nor the decision making to match a team of this calibre
[22:02] Greivance: right. lemme answer that then non emotionally
[22:02] Tundra: The second you didnt remove staff or listen to players
I dont want to speak in voice
I have a game to win
im listening to coms
[22:03] Greivance: let me confirm it all
and im done
i dont like typing
[22:03] Tundra: what is there to confirm grant
[22:03] Greivance: because you have no sponsors nor the decision making to match a team of this calibre
going back to that
[22:03] Tundra: currently you dont
[22:03] Greivance: part 1…sponsors
[22:03] Tundra: whether or not you will in the future
[22:03] Greivance: i made the team always
aware that when my job started, and i moved away from day to day
that was when the sponsor hunt would begin
if i failed
i had two options
both of which go on paper
part 2…decisions
i dont think my decisions could be any more right
players wanted more money
i said yes
you wanted more money
i said yes
in 24 hours
ive said i will give up my stake in org 100% to a team backing
for the sake of the players
most wouldnt do that…
what ‘high claibre’ decision am i incapable of according to you?
[22:05] Tundra: Removing staff that the team dont want due to emotional attachment
[22:05] Greivance: but i did remove them 3 hours later?
like….literally removed them
so how did i do wrong?
[22:06] Tundra: u said they stepped back
not removed
[22:06] Greivance: i messaged you saying they’d gone one facebook!
that morning
[22:09] : well?
[22:09] Tundra: yes u said theyd left
not been removed
[22:09] Greivance: oh same thing dude
they’ve gone
[22:09] Tundra: no its not
[22:09] Greivance: you want me to make it official?
[22:09] Tundra: removing somebody and them leaving on their own accord is not the same
please do not move me on ts again
[22:10] Greivance: im not?
[22:10] Tundra: players got really distracted
in the middle of a teamfight
[22:10] Greivance: my bad
ok so i had some attachment to them…but they left after i said what you’d said
the same thing happened
[22:11] Tundra: Please leave this till after the games
its so distracting
[22:11] Greivance: ffs
dude come on…
[22:13] : you play a good game Jamie…you’ve played it very well
well done
[22:14] Tundra: I havent done anything
[22:14] Greivance: lol
[22:14] Tundra: if the players dont want a coach
im out of a job
[22:14] Greivance: come on man….dont sit there and deny it
you’ve played us very well
i guess you win really…well played.
in a months time after LAN, you will sit with the team…and we will sit with nothing but a name…yay
[22:15] Tundra: Grant
nothing is even decided
and I am not to the one to decide
there was no game being played
Toaster offered me a spot as coach I took it
[22:16] Greivance: he offered you a spot…not the org. But they have control. Great…
[22:16] Tundra: yes
the players control the support staff
[22:16] Greivance: look
[22:16] Tundra: i work for the players
thats why I get paid from their prize money
[22:16] Greivance: i have no qualms with players decisions
what i find unfair
is you feel after all this, i dont deserve to be the one looking for a new org for the team
you think the players no best…you havent given me that chance
and you’ve ultimately said that i will have to step away if its the option
[22:17] Tundra: ofc they know best
the players have been in the scene and esports
for 5 years
youve been in it for a month?
unless im wrong
[22:17] Greivance: and they’re still sitting in the UK scene with no money and no wages!!!!!!!!
in less than couple months
i’ve got them the opportunity to be in challenger as a team as a whole
and the offers coming in this week to allow for it to continue
and you say i dont know best?
[22:19] Tundra: [22:18] Greivance: and they’re still sitting in the UK scene with no money and no wages!!!!!!!!
Toaster is in LCS
[22:19] Greivance: aside from toaster…
[22:19] Tundra: Broxah was CS
Nutri was UOL
[22:19] Greivance: Was
[22:19] Tundra: christ
please stop im trying to do draft and prep
leave it till after
[22:19] Greivance: whatever
you win dude
well done
[22:28] Greivance: To confirm…come weekend, i will have an offer from a takeover to show you guys which will include an offer on paper for iseriers
[22:28] Tundra: And thats great and what we agreed
before you got extremely emotional
please calm down
[22:28] Greivance: you do realise telling someone to calm down never works? ;P
but i am calm

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