Caedrel Manga comic created by redditor to celebrate New Year 2024

Caedrel manga comic

A Caedrel Manga comic featuring well-known UK League of Legends streamer Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont has been made to mark the New Year.

Reddit user jakkisenpai shared their creation on r/PedroPeepos, a subreddit dedicated to Caedrel, in a post titled: ‘Manga I drew to celebrate a great 2023 for Pedro, Hope xdders have a great 2024!’

Pedro is a nickname given to Caedrel due to him being able to speak fluent Spanish as well as English, and ‘xdders’ is a term used to describe his followers, given the ‘xdd’ emote is often used in his Twitch chat.

The comic starts with Caedrel reliving his infamous flash ult-cancel as Malzahar in the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, when he was playing for H2K back in his pro player days (before he became a caster).

He awakes to find himself face-to-face with a human-sized talking rat, before the Caedrel Manga comic features references around Caedrel and Ruddy Regan’s Worlds 2023 rap song ‘TheShy is Back’.

Caedrel TheShy is Back Worlds Song with Ruddy Regan
‘Smoke the doubters, the whole pack’ Caedrel sang in his Worlds 2023 song about TheShy, with this post now getting the Manga treatment

It also mentions the rats having ‘a place to belong’ in his streams and ends by calling Caedrel “the king of rats”.

The post received more than 1,500 upvotes and a positive response from the subreddit’s community, with some asking this to be made into a series.

Reddit user jakkisenpai, who made the Caedrel Manga comic (whose sections should be read from right-to-left, following the usual Manga style), also produced another image featuring Caedrel in the ‘nah, I’d win’ meme.

“If the rats are interested I’ll keep doing more!” jakkisenpai said.

Caedrel has enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent years after transitioning from pro player to caster, then to streamer and co-streamer of major League of Legends esports broadcasts.

He has 342,000 followers on Twitter and 625,000 on Twitch.

Back in November, Caedrel was one of the Worlds 2023 co-streamers in South Korea, and he also took part in the DUS Drututt Ultimate Showdown streamer tournament representing Team UK (aka Team Rats).

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