DUS Drututt Ultimate Showdown featuring LoL streamers and players returns, with all-star Team UK (aka The Rats) including Caedrel, Kasing and more

DUS Drututt Ultimate Showdown

Polish League of Legends streamer Maks Przychodzień, aka Drututt, is hosting another Drututt Ultimate Showdown (DUS) and it will have an all-star Team UK.

The second DUS tournament will feature a mix of high elo streamers, personalities and players, and will take place from December 5th to 12th 2023.

It comes after the first Drututt Ultimate Showdown took place in September this year, with No Need Orga winning overall.

Now it’s returning, and there are some big names involved.

Team UK aka Team Rats announced for Drututt Ultimate Showdown

Team UK in particular will include Shikari (top), NoName (jungle), Caedrel (mid), xMatty (ADC) and Kasing (support).

With Caedrel lovingly called a rat, rat king and also pedro by the community, Team UK are also being branded ‘Team Rats’ or ‘Team The Rats’ in this tournament.

Caedrel described Team Nemesis as a ‘broken team’, and said “it’ll be a hard tournament, but I still think Team UK can win”.

“I need to get good so quick,” he said. “I need to make sure I can lane. Outside of lane, I can control the lane, shotcall and control it. If I can go even in lane, then I’ll be fine.”

The news comes a month after the popular pro-turned-caster-turned streamer Caedrel teamed up with Ruddy Regan for Worlds 2023 rap song ‘TheShy is Back’, and was announced as the only on-site English co-streamer for Red Bull League of Its Own.

There’s a ton of experience in the team. Shikari is an experienced top-laner, having played a lot in the UK/Northern Europe scene, and recently won the NLC 2023 Summer Playoffs with Nativz.

NoName is a rising star, having won the Summer 2023 LVP Spanish Superliga Regular Season this year.

In the bot lane, xMatty is with BDS Academy after a stint in the LEC, and Kasing needs no introduction in UK LoL, as a veteran player with a storied history, most recently playing with DMG Esports.

Another UK player, ADC Dragdar, will also be playing in the tournament on Team TheBausffs.

Other teams, players and streamers in the DUS Drututt Ultimate Showdown

  • Team France: Potent, Joinze, Kamiloo, Bibou, Trayton
  • Team Poland: Ibo, Rybson, Czeko, Marlon, Odi
  • Team Germany: Tolkin, Agurin, Noway4u, Karni, Broeki
  • Team Greece: Empyros, Dom1nant, Vladi, Mersa, Forg1ven
  • Team Finland: Nille, Dibu, Simpli, Zimba, Kehvo
  • Team Yamato: Alois, Nattynatt, YamatosDeath, Kibah, Unforgiven
  • Team TheBausffs: TheBausffs, Gillius, Kermut, Kadir, Dragdar
  • Team Nemesis: Dzukill, Malice, Nemesis, Veigarv2, Zven
  • Team UK aka Team Rats: Shikari, NoName, Caedrel, xMatty, Kasing
  • Team Turkey: Starscreen, Osman123, Bolulu, Fleshy, HolyPhoenix
  • Team Italy: Deidara, Fragola, Sadaz, PaoloCannone, Creon
  • Team Spain: Th3Antonio, Koldo, Silerlol, XixAuxas, Pepinero

The Drututt Ultimate Showdown (DUS) tournament will get underway from December 5th to 12th on Drututt’s Twitch channel.

What’s next for DUS tournaments?

With Team Rybson (Poland) winning this tournament, followed by Team Nemesis and Team Badboys (Thebausffs) and Team Rats/Caedrel (UK) finishing fourth, Drututt shared an update about the future of his tournaments:

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