G2 win Red Bull League of Its Own showmatch vs T1, BrokenBlade ‘looking forward to meeting T1 again at the 2024 World Finals in London!’

Caps as G2 win Red Bull League of Its Own

Photo credit: Stephanie Lindgren / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull League of Its Own, the League of Legends showcase event featuring T1, Karmine Corp and more, has been won by G2.

The action unfolded yesterday at the Velodrom arena in Berlin, Germany, showcasing some fun matchups as T1, the recently crowned 2023 World Champions, took on Europe’s top teams in a series of fun battles.

The off-season event kicked off with T1 facing their first challenger, team BIG. T1 secured victory with 46 kills in 29 minutes, and they followed this with victory over NNO OLD.

Karmine Corp beat NNO OLD, then fell to T1.

In the penultimate match, T1 faced off against Team Heretics, who recently revealed their LEC roster. Despite having only half of their champions available due to the Red Bull League of its Own format, T1 again secured a victory.

T1’s hero pool progressively limited throughout the matches. In matches against BIG, NNO Old, Karmine Corp, and Team Heretics, T1 had to use different champions in each game. The rules were lifted for the final match between T1 and G2, with both teams having access to all champions.

G2 won 38-18, with Yike putting in a nice KDA.

T1 top laner, Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, said: “I came here to play some enjoyable show matches, but everyone was very competitive, so I actually felt like I was competing at Worlds!”

“I think the moment when we won Worlds was the best moment of the year, and this moment will stand out later, so thank you very much. I’d like to say thank you to Red Bull for inviting us, and I’d also like to express my gratitude to all the players that have played today – we’ve had a really great experience.”

G2 top laner, Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik added: “We both took the game a little less seriously, but we managed to win anyway, and I’m very happy about that. I’m very jealous of T1 for being able to play so many games in front of this amazing crowd.” 

“I’m looking ahead to next year and what I look forward to the most is meeting T1 at World Finals [in London] next year!”

BrokenBlade, G2 Esports

The Worlds 2024 finals will be coming to The O2 Arena in London.

The Red Bull League of Its Own event sold out in under three hours, attracting fans to witness the event at the Velodrom arena in Berlin.

Red Bull League of its Own will return in 2024 in Paris, France, at the Accor Arena on December 15th.

Caedrel was recently named the only on-site English co-streamer for Red Bull League of Its Own, with the full broadcast talent listed here.

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