Caedrel named only on-site English co-streamer for Red Bull League of Its Own, featuring Worlds winners T1, Karmine Corp, G2 and more


Popular League of Legends streamer Marc ‘Caedrel‘ LaMont will be the only on-site English co-streamer of the all-star Red Bull League of Its Own next month.

Featuring some of the world’s top LoL teams, the event will take place at the Berlin Velodrom on December 9th 2023 from 11am CEST.

T1, who became Worlds 2023 champions last weekend, will compete against six teams throughout the event: G2, Karmine Corp (who recently joined the LEC), Team Heretics and local German teams NNO Old, BIG and Eintracht Spandau.

Caedrel said he’s excited to be the only English co-streamer at the Red Bull League of Its Own.

The news comes a few days after Caedrel co-streamed the Worlds 2023 final live in Korea.

Founder of Karmine Corp, Kamel ‘Kameto’ Kebir, will also co-stream the event live from the Velodrome.

For fans of the local scene, the rivalry between BIG and Eintracht Spandau will be reignited as they compete against each other for the chance to take on T1.

Germany’s biggest League of Legends streamers, NNO Old, will also be in Germany’s capital to compete against Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok and his legendary team, not to mention three LEC sides in Heretics, Karmine Corp and G2.

In their matches against BIG or Eintracht Spandau, NNO Old, Karmine Corp and Team Heretics, T1 will be under the added pressure of an ever-constricting hero pool, as detailed below:

  • T1 must use different champions in each game
  • T1 cannot use champions that other teams have used against them
    • Bans have no impact on this rule
  • Teams facing T1 have the entire Champion pool at their disposal

All rules will be lifted for the final match between T1 and G2, where fans will be able to watch the no-holds-barred matchup.

Red Bull League of Its Own Broadcast Talent Line-up

  • Panel Host: Eefje ‘Sjokz‘ Depoortere
  • Stage Host: Adam Savage
  • Stage Host and Play-by-Play Commentator: Daniel Drakos
  • Interviewer: Laure Valée
  • Reporter: Keltoum ‘Giniro‘ Baddaje
  • Colour Commentator: Andrew ‘Vedius’ Day
  • Analyst: Fabian ‘Sheepy’ Mallant
  • Analyst: Troubleinc
  • Analyst: Sola
  • Analyst: Guldborg

Red Bull League of Its Own Schedule & Format

  • Arena doors open at 11:30am CET
  • BIG vs Eintracht Spandau (on Red Bull Zockt100)
  • T1 vs [Winner of BIG vs Eintracht Spandau]
  • T1 vs NNO Old
  • NNO Old vs Karmine Corp
  • T1 vs Karmine Corp
  • T1 vs Team Heretics
  • T1 vs G2

AGON by AOC is the Official Monitor Partner for the event, with AMD joining as Technology Provider, and Kia will also be showing off its EV9 car.

Red Bull League of Its Own will be broadcast live from the Velodrom live on Twitch and YouTube. The Velodrom in Berlin was also the setting for ESL One Berlin earlier this year.

In other Red Bull esports news, Boaster went bananas as Fnatic won Red Bull Home Ground 2023 earlier this month.

Check out for more information.

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