Medic (almost) breaks another speedrunning world record, this time playing… Peppa Pig

medic peppa pig speedrun world record

Update: Turns out Medic made it to fifth in the world at Peppa Pig, rather than number one. Maybe he was telling porkies.

Original article:

British LEC caster speedrunning extraordinaire Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain has racked up another world record run, this time in the most unlikely of games.

Forget Medic’s former Hades speedrunning world record, his League of Legends casting and his run through Elden Ring with no summons and no pants. That’s all hogwash. For the greatest challenge of all is surely completing ‘My Friend Peppa Pig’ in record time.

The game becomes the latest to join Medic’s growing piggy bank of speedrun records.

Medic unofficially broke the world record by five seconds in a four-and-a-half-hour Twitch stream, titled ‘THE GREATEST SPEEDRUN IN THE HISTORY OF PORCINE KIND’, the other day. We say unofficial, as his 17:48 time has not yet been listed on the My Friend Peppa Pig page on

But it wasn’t all for snout. Medic did have some time to spare at the end, and the rules state that the load time between locations, or time spent in the main menu and character select screen, does not count. Sow, perhaps it’s just a matter of time before it becomes official.

While it was almost five hours long, the stream definitely wasn’t a boar, thanks to Medic’s entertaining style and unparalleled pig gameplay.

Not keen to hog all the limelight, Medic did take a look at the other speedrun records in My Friend Peppa Pig, but he did also celebrate on Twitter with an ‘EZ clap’, saying it’s been the greatest challenge he’s faced.

Medic will be bac-on the LEC desk in a few months’ time, we’re sure, with the Summer 2022 LEC split likely getting underway some time in June, as it did last year.

Back in January 2022, Medic was announced as part of the LEC 2022 caster line-up.

Medic first made his LEC debut (or EU LCS, as it was then called) back in summer 2017. Before that, he cast in the UK scene at events like Epic.LAN, the UK Masters and more. While it was a long time ago, it definitely isn’t a pig-ment of our imagination.

Ok that’s enough puerile pig puns for now. See you next time.

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