LEC caster Medic broke the Hades speedrunning world record (update: his original record has now been beaten but he’s setting other records in the game)

medic lec caster

UPDATE (August 10th): Medic is continuing to showcase his speedrunning skills in Hades, having set another record, this time for finishing the game the fastest in a certain way.

Medic set a world record of 13 minutes and 17 seconds in an RTA (real-time attack) any heat run with the Hera bow weapon aspect, and also finished third on the overall RTA leaderboards. The fastest RTA is currently a 13:06 run by Japanese player 185ln Lili using the Achilles weapon aspect.

Medic previously had a record of 13 minutes and 38 seconds. He said he was able to break records like this because of ‘600 hours of practice’.

US player Croven is the current overall world record holder in terms of in-game time, with a run of 5 minutes and 32 seconds. The full Hades speedrunning rankings can be found on Speedrun.com.

UPDATE (January 11th 2021):

Medic’s Hades speedrunning world record has been broken.

French player Lili made an incredible sub-6 minute run to set a new record of 5 minutes and 57 seconds.

Original article (published December 15th 2020):

When he’s not commentating over top League of Legends plays and jumping up and down beside the LEC desk in excitement, Medic can be found raiding the underworld in world record time.

British League of Legends shoutcaster Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain has set a new speedrunning world record in the game Hades.

Medic posted an in-game time of 6 minutes and 29 seconds on Twitter this morning.

According to Speedrunning.com, that’s 15 seconds faster than the previous record of 6.44, set by French player Lili.

During the League of Legends off-season, Medic has been streaming a lot of Hades, and getting pretty damn good at the game.

On November 21st, Medic became the fourth-fastest in the world at Hades and, earlier this month, took second-place.

Now he’s gone and broken the world record. And with Hades being the first game Medic has speedrun, could we see him try other titles in the future?

Medic recently told Invenglobal: ” I’ve always enjoyed watching speedrunning. Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick are just such incredible events to watch and see games dismantled in.

“I’ve never really thought of myself as someone who could do it. For me to enjoy a run, it has to be minimal glitches, more about learning a build and perfecting a build, not to change the game’s engine — not that that isn’t a fun thing for some, it’s just not what I enjoy. Hades is actually the first game I’ve ever speedrun myself.”

Medic said if he’s still speedrunning Hades next year, he’ll apply to take part in Awesome Games Done Quick.

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9 months ago

don’t buy it. many of those specials couldn’t be anything but macros. still impressive.