League of Legends added to Tinder as a ‘passion’, British man reports drop in matches after adding it to his profile

Nathan Edmonds

Dating app Tinder has added League of Legends as a ‘passion’ (or interest), allowing people to add it to their profile for potential matches to see.

And one British man has reported a drop in matches since adding it to his profile.

Not just any man, mind, but Nathan Edmonds – head of social media at gaming creative marketing agency Hotdrop.

Nathan told Esports News UK that he hasn’t been matched with anyone else that has League of Legends in their profile (yet!) but that he was previously matched with someone who had played the game once.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t get many matches anyway – which must be down to some kind of bug, right?” he said.

“I figured it’s the only thing that makes sense because have you seen me? Gold 2 in soloq, handsome, own a beautiful dog called Lux, the list goes on. I hope with this new feature to find someone who will gank my lane unlike my current duo, and no, that is not an innuendo – I actually do need ganks to put me ahead in my lane.”

He also said he’s going to take full advantage of the new League of Legends passion feature.

Another Twitter user made jokes about the League of Legends passion being a new form of contraception.

League of Legends (LoL) joins other gaming-related passions available for people to choose on Tinder, including Fortnite, Esports, Twitch and Dungeons & Dragons.

There are also other geeky passions including Marvel and Memes, as well as crypto-focused ones like Doge, Ethereum, NFTs and Crypto. Some of the more expected ones include things like Movies, Music, Shopping etc. Tinder has apparently removed ‘Gamer’ as a passion as well.

Several League of Legends professionals also reacted to the news, including Arnold, Nemesis and Fudge:

lol passion tinder tweets

Tinder is a popular dating app that became known for allowing users to ‘swipe left’ for people they’re not interested in, or to ‘swipe right’ for those that they are.

League of Legends is of course the popular MOBA game from Riot Games, with its own esports scenes that we write about regularly.

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