Medic criticises TSM owner over ‘disrespectful’ LCS player import comment: “It’s such a stupid take”

medic lec caster

British League of Legends LEC caster Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain (pictured) has lambasted TSM owner Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh for his recent comments on social media.

A debate has been swirling in the League of Legends community of late, around the North American LCS player import rule.

Currently, LCS teams can each have a maximum of two players on their starting roster from outside North America (i.e. ‘non-residents’).

Some LCS team owners are hoping for this rule to be changed, allowing them to field more import players. This news was first broken by respected League of Legends journalist and content creator Travis Gafford earlier this month.

A week ago, Cloud9 support player Vulcan made a tweet, which Reginald hit back at:

On stream, LEC caster Medic said Reginald’s tweet was disrespectful to hard-working people around the world who earn minimum wage.

“If you ever have to debase yourself for saying ‘without me you’d be working minimum wage’, firstly it shows you have no respect for people that work minimum wage in jobs that are incredibly difficult who do an incredible amount of good to society.

“Secondly, it shows you have no basis of your argument, because all you’re saying is ‘without me you’re nothing’, which is basically what colonists used to say. Fuck Regi for that. It’s such a fucking stupid take.

“I don’t mind if you say: ‘Hey, these are the reasons I think we should get rid of the import rule.’

“But as soon as you say ‘without me you’d be nothing’, it shows you’re a fucking elitist prick.”

You can check out Medic’s comments on stream below, as highlighted by Esports Talk:

The LCS player import topic has drawn comment from many in the League of Legends esports community, including G2 owner Ocelote.

Reginald has since apologised for his comment:

Late last year, Medic broke the Hades speedrunning world record, and held the record for just under one month.

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