Top 6 moments of Manchester's ESL Rainbow Six Siege Premiership Finals

Team Secret Elemzje StiZze

Rainbow Six Siege’s third ESL UK & Ireland Premiership concluded last Saturday. To some surprise, MnM Gaming walked away with the championship with a 2-0 win over Team Secret in the finals. This earned MnM Gaming their fifth ESL UK championship across various titles.
But that wasn’t the only wonderful moment of the event. Over 400 attendees watched the live finals in Manchester. These passionate attendees were spotted getting their jerseys signed by players, broadcast personalities, G2 Pengu and G2 Shas. 
Craig Robinson runs through the matches before rounding up his six favourite moments of the finals.

MnM Gaming vs Vexed Gaming

Kicking off the day, MnM Gaming vs Vexed Gaming was an exciting match-up. Narrative wise, Jack ‘Doki’ Roberston was once a Vexed player. He played with them in the last RB6 Premiership finals in Leicester, until going on loan and eventually being brought on board by MnM.
For Doki, defeating Vexed was an absolute priority to show his evolution as a player, not to mention MnM’s promotion to the RB6 Challenger League in February. They were the bigger fish in the smaller pond.
MnM ended up taking the series 2-0, with some close first halves on each map but and scores of 7-3 on Coastline and 7-4 on Bank.

Wind and Rain vs Team Secret

If this was last season, this would have been an obvious blowout. Despite Team Secret taking the series 2-0, Wind and Rain’s RB6 team put up a good fight. And that’s something we should give them credit for considering their experience.
Wind and Rain’s team manager said on stage in an interview that it was their first tournament at LAN, and they wanted to put on a show.
As for the map scores, Oregon went to Team Secret 5-7, whilst Bank went to Secret 7-3.

MnM Gaming vs Team Secret

In the short history of the UK PC Prem for Rainbow Six, MnM Gaming have never beaten Team Secret. They had that one draw in the very first week of the Season 2, but here we are reflecting on an undefeated LAN appearance from MnM Gaming.
Both teams put up a good show, but in the end, the growth of MnM could not be contained as they took home their first Rainbow 6 ESL Prem title.

Top 6 hottest moments

Vexed’s clean assault into Executive Lounge

As stated above, the first halves of the map were very close. Vexed had a really well-coordinated attack, keeping the map tied on Bank vs MnM:


Doki doing Doki things

Not only was this a great ace, but the narrative this clip builds made it my favourite moment of the entire tournament.
In the clip, Doki pushes into CEO and takes out 3 members of Vexed in quick succession, giving Saves the room to plant.
Doki finalised the ace by getting the first kill of the round and finishing it off against Ferral in the final moment of the series outside of the clip.
If there was a way to say how much you have grown as a player, this is definitely how to do it against your former team.


And now for something different from Wind and Rain 

How many times have we seen players jump from skylight windows onto the streets and kill attacking repellers? However, how many times have we seen a garage and skylight run out?
I think Demo nailed it on the head casting this match. They were getting that advantage by doing things differently. WaR was definitely not kidding when they said they wanted to put on a show.


The French push Team Secret into the Grand Finals

sTiZze has been one of the most important parts for Team Secret in the ESL Prem for a while. Last season, sTiZze adopted the Smoke and made tactical plays and high frags throughout the LAN finals.
In this very clip, he does the same thing on Lesion. Although, he has Elemzje this time to set it all up for him on Clash.


MnM takes two round wins against Secret’s defence on Armoury Lockers

Armoury and Lockers tend to be the go-to safe site for pretty much every team and player in Rainbow Six Siege.
We as the spectators expect an opening defence round on that site to be a free win for the defenders, right? Wrong! MnM not only took the first site convincingly but they did it flawlessly the second time.


Saves’ LAN highlight

Saves didn’t have the greatest tournament – and the commentary picked up on it. But in the heat of the moment, he too managed to get his name on that kill feed. Saves came in on the Maverick with a juicy 4k on Bank.
There is a telling point here. Kendrew, CTZN and Doki had their frag highlights throughout the entire day. When Saves came in with his own moment, that for me was the icing on the cake.
With 4 people fragging out in that final and neLo being consistent, I believe that was the perfect remedy for taking down Team Secret and earning themselves the Season 2 trophy.

Do you have any other moments worth mentioning? Let us know by commenting on this article or replying to us on Twitter.
Photo credit:  Joe Brady | ESL |

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