What were the 7 best moments from the ESL Prem Rainbow Six Siege Winter Finals?

Vexed MnM 1

The ESK UK Winter Premiership concluded last Saturday at ESL’s Leicester Studio. The favourites Team Secret took the championship title, but it wasn’t as close as people might have thought.
Craig Robinson provides an overview of what happened during the finals, including some of his favourite clips and highlights from the day. 

Team Secret vs Unnamed

Unnamed were firing on all cylinders in the first series. They brought a significant showing against Team Secret on both Club House and Consulate. At the end of the series, Team Secret won 2-0. The total rounds were 14-12 in favour of Secret, meaning only 1 round on each map separated both teams.
This was the last time the current 5-man roster of Unnamed would play together. Several players are going their separate ways for the Challenger League and Invitational online qualifiers. Each one of them has shown they are up for the task at upsetting and proving quality matches against the toughest of opponents. Good luck to each of them on their journey.

MnM Gaming vs Vexed.Ebuyer

The series between MnM and Vexed was a close fought match, just like the match before. MnM and Vexed had their own series of great takes on defensive favourite maps, their own series of clutches and flawless rounds. In the end, Vexed took the series 2-0, but it was a stellar showing from the talent on both sides.
MnM and Vexed demonstrated what it takes to be a force. Vexed has the UK fragging power that the UK is becoming famous for in Rainbow 6, while MnM improved tactically upon their recent adventure to DreamHack the week before.

Team Secret vs Vexed.Ebuyer

This final was one to remember. Team Secret led pretty comfortably against Vexed on the first two maps. However, the third map on Bank was something else. Vexed really brought the pain to Team Secret and led 4 rounds by the end of the first half. Like the Unnamed and Team Secret match, Secret put up an awesome fight coming back to beat Vexed in overtime.

Best moments:

Jugger sets up a flawless round vs Team Secret

Unnamed started the day on all cylinders to give fans a spectacular opening series. This clip of Jugger shows just how hype the first few rounds were.
In the round before this clip, Unnamed beat Team Secret whilst attacking one of the favourable defensive sites. Following on from this, Unnamed ran the same strategy and took two consecutive flawless rounds.


LeonGids triple kill keeps Team Secret in map 1

Following on from the explosive action from Unnamed, Team Secret were on the comeback. Unnamed had secured their first point in overtime, so it was crucial for Team Secret to win. LeonGids had what it took to keep his team in the game with his Vigil triple kill.


MnM Gaming with the flawless hold

It was hard to decide on one impressive moment from this series, as it was close and clean throughout. One that stood out was MnM performing an amazing defensive setup on the upstairs of Bank.
After their journey to Dreamhack where Mockit exposed their tactical mistakes, this setup shows how much they improved on their team synergy.


Doki’s near ace against Team Secret

Doki had several epic moments during his matches. He had clutches vs MnM Gaming on Consulate to win key rounds, which continued against Team Secret.
We’ve chosen this clip because it really puts into perspective the type of players Vexed are and the skill each of them possesses. Although these kills had no impact on the game, as Team Secret won the map, it still really highlights the potential of UK talent.


StiZze’s Armoury/Locker room clutch

StiZze had several great moments through this series on Smoke. His basement holds on Bank were spot on and he nearly aced on round 7 in the third map. However, this clip of him clutching in the Armory Lockers on Border shows just how important he was to Team Secret during the finals.


G2 Ferral clutches at the last second to take Vexed to match point

Vexed were the only team to win the Bank basement rounds on the attack throughout the finals. This is pretty impressive considering the servers are another defensive favoured site. This one moment was one of, if not the most improbable clutch of the entire tournament. Well played G2 Ferral.


The trophy lift

An esports final isn’t complete without the winning team taking to the stage and lifting the cup. On that note, here’s Team Secret celebrating their victory:

Do you have any favourite moments from the finals we haven’t included? Let us know in the comment sections or reply to Esports News UK on Twitter.
Image provided by R.Lakhani/ESL/eslgaming.com

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2 years ago

Nice article! Sums up my thoughts of the tourney nicely. I like the way you’ve included the clips as well, nice touch.