Team UK fall short at Twitch Rivals League of Legends streamer tournament

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UPDATE (April 3rd 2019): Team UK have been knocked out in the group stages.
They won two games and lost four in Group B. While two other teams did the same (Spain and Nordics), it was Spain who went through reportedly based on scorelines versus the other teams and time spent per match. Italy topped the group with six wins and no losses.
twitch rivals groups 2019
It was a shame as Team UK showed real promise, with excellent overall early game play, but faltered in the mid to late game with some cautious plays and panicking from some of their players.

Don’t let the tweet above you fool you – mid-laner Vicksy really popped off in a few games, particularly as Zoe, and team UK did deserve at least three wins we felt.
The team takes home $5,000.
In Group A, Germany and France went through with 5-1 and 4-2 results, with Poland and Hungary knocked out with 3-3 and 0-6 scorelines respectively.
More info and results here.

Original article (March 29th 2019): Riot Games has partnered with Twitch to host a League of Legends streamer tournament – and Team UK has been confirmed.

The Twitch Rivals: League of Legends Road to TwitchCon Europe qualifying tournament will take place on April 3rd featuring eight national teams.
Then, the full Country Showdown will see the top four teams battle it out for $75,000 at TwitchCon Europe on April 14th in Berlin.
Finally, the TwitchCon Europe All-Star Showdown will pit five North American and five European League of Legends stars against each other with $25,000 on the line.
Team UK (pictured left to right) consists of:

Victoria ‘Vicksy’ Doman and Joshua ‘Snitch’ Bennett have notable esports experience in particular. The former has played in the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership and for Excel’s female team, while Snitch played for Dignitas’ decorated Heroes of the Storm team before making the switch to League of Legends after Blizzard scrapped HotS esports.

To celebrate the occasion, Twitch Prime members will be treated to a Summoner’s Crown Capsule in League of Legends, which will contain a random Permanent Skin, Ward Skin and Summoner Icon.

Fans will also be able to watch the action from their favourite streamers’ perspective live on their own individual Twitch channels.

The TwitchCon Europe All-Star Showdown will see five handpicked NA League of Legends streamers from the first Twitch Rivals: League of Legends Showdown that took place in January, and a handpicked EU team to represent the entire continent against NA.

Alongside the Twitch Rivals competitions, Riot Games will also host a series of fan-focused events at TwitchCon Europe. On Saturday April 13th, fans are invited to hang out at the outdoor gaming truck that will host 20 streaming stations, attend meet and greets with their favourite streamers and head over to the League of Legends LAN Area to grab swag and exclusive game codes.

There is also an Apex Legends Twitch Rivals event taking place, featuring the likes of UK streamers onscreen, Valkia and AlexJJ:

The full set of streamers and national teams set to compete in Twitch Rivals: League of Legends Road to TwitchCon Europe Showdown are as follows:

UK and Ireland

  • Huzzy (Top)
  • VaporaDark (Jungle)
  • Vicksy (Mid)
  • Snitch (Bot)
  • Bizzleberry (Support)


  • Th3_antonio (Top)
  • ElOjoNinja (Jungle)
  • Zeling (Mid)
  • CarritosKami (Bot)
  • Manutegaming (Support)

Poland and Baltics

  • Kubon_ (Top)
  • Nervarien (Jungle)
  • Overpow (Mid)
  • nieuczesana (Bot)
  • RandomBruceTV (Support)


  • LeRoiBisou (Top)
  • Narkuss (Jungle)
  • Melon (Mid)
  • Chap (Bot)
  • Sharkk (Support)


  • Scarfaceee (Top)
  • FNATIC Eni (Jungle)
  • ESG Noway (Mid)
  • Sologesang (Bot)
  • Nylana (Support)


  • Wickd (Top)
  • Gripex (Jungle)
  • Lancemenot (Mid)
  • Proxyfox (Bot)
  • Relinquishedlive (Support)


  • darcigh (Top)
  • Pierce (Jungle)
  • adamkissak (Mid)
  • Mukica (Bot)
  • Nerdhub (Support)


  • Lazuriel (Top)
  • Fragola (Jungle)
  • Aki (Mid)
  • Counter (Bot)
  • Paoloidolo (Support)

For more info visit or the TwitchCon Europe website.

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