Method clear Mythic Uldir with world-first G'huun kill in World of Warcraft

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UK esports organisation Method have secured a world-first kill of G’huun on Mythic difficulty.
This means they are the first to clear 8/8 bosses in the Uldir raid scenario in World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion Battle for Azeroth.
The org secured the kill this evening, after a very close attempt yesterday (September 18th), where they brought G’huun down to 4% health.
Method – whose raid team is Horde and based on EU server Tarren Mill – wiped a whopping 285 times on G’huun overall before taking the boss down. You can see the number of wipes they made on other bosses in this tweet here.
The clip below shows the moment when Method downed G’huun:

It’s great news for the popularity of competitive World of Warcraft, which has seen an upturn lately following the release of Battle for Azeroth.
Method founder and co-owner Scott McMillan’s stream (pictured, and above) had almost 100,000 viewers yesterday, while Method’s org channel had almost 30,000 views, making World of Warcraft the most-viewed game on Twitch at that time.
During the kill today, Scott had around 170,000 viewers and the main stream had around 40,000, meaning more than 200,000 were watching overall.
Method were streaming from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London, which opened its doors earlier this year.

Earlier this month, exceL Angels became the first team to conquer a Mythic +15 dungeon in WoW. Check out our interview with them here.
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