‘I believe we can build the strongest esports scene and community in Europe’ – Riot’s UK head of esports

Riot UK's Head of Esports Mo Fadl revealed some of his ambitions for League of Legends in the UK this evening.

Speaking to Diabolus Esports' CEO Nick Uttley on the org's Twitch channel, Mo admitted Riot hasn't done enough to support the UK scene in the past - and he aims to change that moving forwards.

"Let's focus, the players want our attention, let's give them attention, get our sh*t together and learn and build," he said.

"I believe we can build the strongest esports scene and community in Europe. I really see the UK League being the strongest League in Europe. But we are far from where we should be [right now].

"We didn't do as much as we could've done before, we let orgs/players down in the past. We're in the position where we can do wonders, we have an office here, can meet the teams and community, and listen."


"Let's get our shit together and learn and build. I really see the UK League being the strongest League in Europe. But we are far from where we should be."
Mo Fadl, Riot UK


Mo Fadl joined Riot UK late last year. He has more than 10 years' experience working at game developers including Blizzard, NCSoft and Wargaming, and clearly wants to push the UK scene forwards.

"Hopefully we'll do so much more in the next 18 months that will push the UK scene on an international level," he added.

"The skill level, talent and dedication of players participating is amazing. I've seen players in the global scene not as committed. Now it's time for us to step up and be equal partners to them. We have to step up. We're not happy with what we're delivered so far, there's more we can do.

"Getting partners, connecting, maybe changing the format, there's so many things we can do. We have everything in front of us and such passionate teams with us - let's see where we end up."

Mo said right now Riot is working to understand the UK market, and is looking at building a strategy for the next three years. More info around this will be revealed in the next six weeks, he said.

He also called for honest feedback from members of the UK scene, and said that a UK Discord is launching in the next four weeks.

"Tell us what you think," he said. "We want to have an open and honest discussion with you all."

ENUK understands Riot UK is also meeting with UK LoL teams later this month for discussions.


Can the UK scene reach the heights of the LVP?

Esports News UK asked Mo on stream whether he believes the UK scene can get to the level of the Spanish LVP in terms of viewership, which has set the benchmark in terms of regional LoL scenes.

"Yes, I personally believe we can get to at least the same level as the LVP, and we can have wider reach because of the language," he answered. "But we have to build an ecosystem as well as Spain did, and this will take time, at least 12-18 months to build a solid grassroots ecosystem, that will funnel in partnerships, helping teams to sustain themselves, pushing publications...

"I believe we can easily after 18-24 months reach this point the LVP has today, otherwise I wouldn't be here."


Mo's elo and global events in the UK

Perhaps most importantly, Mo revealed his elo. He admitted he's a silver 2/silver 3 player who mains Urgot top. He says he has previously played 3v3 for the most part and only just switched to 5v5, and that he 'sucks balls' at it.

"It's so painful and it's the fault of the other players [on my team]," he explained.

ENUK also asked Mo when Riot will host another major event here in the UK following the Worlds quarter finals at Wembley in October 2015. As it looks like global LoL events are skipping the UK for a third consecutive year this year.

"Our plan is we'd love to have a major event in the UK over the next three years," Mo commented. "But I can't give any promises because these are monster events with a huge workload.

"I hope within the next six months I can give you more information on it."


'Mo's positivity and ambition is exactly what the UK scene needs'

Comment by ENUK editor Dom Sacco

I'm calling it now: Mo's infectious laughter and and positivity is going to save the UK scene.

'Save' might be the wrong word here. There is always room for improvement and I'm encouraged by Riot's plans.

Genuinely, it was great to see Mo on Diabolus' stream this evening, speaking openly, honestly and with bold ambition.

Even more so, it was extremely refreshing to have someone from Riot speak so openly about League of Legends esports here, to engage with the community publicly and to admit Riot can do better.

Mo also seems like a nice guy and I think he has the kind of positivity and ambition that the UK scene needs.

After watching his interview, I am excited about what the future holds for UK League of Legends for the first time in ages.

Riot UK has certainly talked the talk this evening - can it now walk the walk?

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