Riot Games to open new UK office in London, asks community for feedback

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League of Legends developer Riot Games is opening a new UK office which will be located in London.
Riot is now hiring a head of esports and business analyst for its new London office.
Riot currently has offices in Dublin, and closed its Brighton office last year.
The news was revealed in this post from Mark Cox aka GeneralCoxy, UK head of publishing, who took on the role in February this year according to his LinkedIn profile.
Prior to that, he worked as brand and analytics director at Riot Games Sydney, and held senior marketing roles at Activision.
Mark has reached out to the UK community to ask for feedback.

“What do you want to see from a local UK Riot team? What have we done well in the UK and what have we not done well?”

Mark said: “I am GeneralCoxy, I have recently moved back from the sunny shores of Sydney Australia, to help the Riot team open the new UK office.
“Why do I need your help you say? Well I want to know a few of things from you guys:

  1. What do you want to see from a local UK Riot team (community activities, esports, art, cosplay, in-game events etc)?
  2. What have we done well in the UK (if you have nothing good to say move to question 3:))?
  3. What have we not done well in the UK (don’t pull any punches here)?

“Throw anything into this thread and I will answer also any questions you may have on the plans in the UK. Thanks for your help and feedback in advance!”
We’ve reached out to Riot for more details on the UK office.
You can pass your feedback to Mark on the Riot forum here

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