It looks like global LoL esports events are skipping the UK for a third consecutive year

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Pockets of the UK League of Legends community were left disappointed today after Riot Games announced no global events will take place on our shores this year.
2018 will be the third consecutive year no global LoL esports events have taken place in the UK, following the Worlds quarter finals in London in October 2015 and an LCS event also at Wembley in June 2014.
Riot announced that Worlds will take place in South Korea which is expected once again towards the latter part of the year, All-Star will be hosted by North America in December, while Rift Rivals venues and locations will be revealed at a later date.

The closest event to the UK is the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) which runs in Germany and France in May.
It could be that the UK gets some LCS or Rift Rivals events, but for now there’s been no confirmation that it will.
It’s a shame – it was almost a year ago when Riot announced it would be opening a UK office and Esports News UK understands that Riot UK has its main members of staff in place, including Riot UK head of esports Mo Fadl.
We’re sure Riot UK has something up its sleeve, so don’t rule the UK out just yet.
Saying that, some members of the UK LoL community took to Twitter to express their disappointment following today’s announcement:

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Let’s hope Riot has something planned for us outside of the usual UK tournaments for 2018 or 2019.

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