‘It’s our first step back to Pro League’ – meepeY on UK-heavy Team IDK joining the Rainbow 6 Siege EU Challenger League

Team I Don't Know (IDK) qualified for the Rainbow 6 Siege Season 7 Challenger League on Sunday night. And team captain meepeY has shared his thoughts with Esports News UK (below).

The Challenger League is a league format that pits 8 teams in each region against each other in hopes for a chance of promotion into the Pro League.

Each team will compete against each other every few weeks to determine the higher tier teams. The top 2 teams at the end of the season will compete against the bottom 2 pro league teams to determine who qualifies for the next season.

Team IDK qualified as one of the final teams in the Season 7 Challenger League in the second online qualifier, after narrowly missing out in the first online qualifier against the qualified Patokalipsa.

IDK were promoted after beating End Gaming 2-0 in the winner's bracket final.

Their roster consists of UK players meepeY, FerralJackal, Lacky, LeonGids and Frenchman sTiZze.

This comes as IDK suffered a tragic ruling on which players got to keep the Pro League slot.

They join team Blank, another team with four UK players - TankNinjaz, Jugger, Meadzzz and Kendrew - along with the French player Kaktus.


'We're overjoyed' - team captain reaction

meepeY, the team captain for IDK, provided ENUK with this comment:

"We're overjoyed that we've taken the first step on a long journey back to Pro League. We've put in a lot of time, effort and work but we still have a long way to go. You can expect that we'll be putting in double the hours, double the practice because our only goal as a team is to win our next match.

"Eventually, with this mentality, we'll be back in Pro League. A big thank you to all our fans and supporters who've been with us through thick and thin."


The Season 7 Challenger Series teams in full

  • Blank
  • beGenius ESC
  • Room Factory - who qualified for the Invitational through the online qualifier.
  • sO-On
  • 1UPesports Academy - who now need to find a new org due to team rulings.
  • Patokalipsa
  • I Don't Know
  • Choose

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